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"Big Brother" Season 21 begins with a frightening record of 2 houseguests sharing a common past

The Big Brother Season 21 premiere began with a wild note when two of the 16 $ 500,000 competing house guests admitted they had the whole story in common.

Christie Murphy and Tommy Bracco were absolutely shocked to see each other in the house, revealing that they had not only met before, but that Christie had met his aunt for seven years!

While the two played it cool and pretended to meet for the first time under the curious eyes of their new roommate, they secretly freaked out.

"I'm shocked – I have no words," Tommy said to the Diary Room camera. "I have to play this as if we do not know each other, because that will immediately set a goal on our backs."

He added, "I'll have to bring them alone at some point, without attracting attention. have to discuss what we want to do. Holy s ̵

1; that's wild.

Christie was also shocked and told the camera, "The last person I expected was someone from my ex-girlfriend's family. "

" Being Tommy in this house could be an amazing thing for my game, "she guessed," or it could be a terrible thing to blow us up if anyone finds out we know each other. "

Before the premiere of season 21, longtime presenter Julie Chen reported in a video on Entertainment Weekly about "Camp BB."

"We're in the brand new Big Brother house, it's & # 39; Camp BB & # 39 ;. That's Bucky the Buck. Let's take your exclusive first look at the lounge and the bathroom, "she explained, showing what a hint of a possible new twist to this year's game might be by pointing to a special wall:" Merit badge, you might want

Christie and Tommy may want to replenish some of them to be careful!

Do not miss the conclusion of Big Brother ] 21s two-day premiere on Wednesday at 8 pm ET on CBS.

Picture credits: CBS

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