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Big Lebowski Super Bowl advertising a possibility – / movie

  Big Lebowski Super Bowl Commercial

Looks like the dude is returning … in a commercial. Jeff Bridges just teased Big Lebowski … something with a short teaser with the message "Stay tuned". While you automatically assume that this is a continuation, the date ends the material says 2/3/19. This is too early for a secret film – we would have heard something . However, football fans will immediately realize that this year's Super Bowl is taking place on February 3rd. Although we do not yet have confirmation, Bridges will probably hug a Super Bowl commercial from 19459006 (Big Lebowski ).

Super Bowl commercial for the Big Lebowski?

Here we see an older but still consistent dude in a very short segment of footage. The guy saunters through a loud, crowded place where the camera turns into a tumbleweed that blows down the street – as at the beginning of The Big Lebowski . As the tumbleweed passes by, it reveals a date: 2.3.19 . This is the date of Super Bowl LIII. So unless the Coen Brothers, Bridges, and their company have made the most secretive movie of all time and are done in less than two weeks, we can assume Bridges will make a Super Bowl tease commercial.

Super Bowl commercials disguised as sequels could be a new trend that we have to deal with each year. Last year, after a very elaborate tagging campaign, it looked like a sequel Crocodile Dundee starring Danny McBride and Chris Hemsworth was on the horizon. The "trailers" were for an Australian tourism advertising, which aired on Super Bowl Sunday.

The Big Lebowski celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2018 and remains a cult classic. The Coen Brothers comedy portrayed Bridges as a fossilized slacker who becomes a kind of hobbling private investigator when confused in an abduction plan. Lebowski followed the Academy Award of the Coen Brothers for Fargo who brought the indie filmmakers to the public in an unprecedented manner. There was much anticipation for what they would do next, and when The Big Lebowski opened in March 1998, the audience was … confused. The movie's bizarre comedy baffled the mainstream audience, who knew the Coens almost completely from Fargo though this film also had a rather fancy humor.

In the years since its publication, however ] Lebowski has earned a devoted fanbase. It's easily one of the most widely cited movies by the Coens, and the idea of ​​re-establishing Bridges, if only briefly, will surely please many. Keep your eyes peeled for more information as we approach the Super Bowl.

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