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Bill Barr traveled to Rome to hear a secret volume from Joseph Mifsud, the professor who helped to light the Russia probe

ROME – When Attorney General William Barr showed up at the Palazzo Margherita of the US Embassy in Rome's Via Veneto last week, he had two main requests. He needed a conference room to meet high-ranking Italian security forces, where he could be sure no one was listening. And he needed an extra chair for US lawyer John Durham of Connecticut, who would sit to his right.

Barr was in Rome on a sub-radar mission scheduled just days in advance. An embassy official confirmed to The Daily Beast that they needed to hurry to accommodate Barr's sudden arrival. He had been to Italy before, but not with such a clear motive. Barr and Durham are investigating the events that led to Robert Muller's Russia investigation and suddenly all roads led to Rome.

The Daily Beast has learned that Barr and Durham were particularly interested in what the Italian secret service knew about Joseph Mifsud, the former professor from Malta, who accused former candidate Donald Trump's campaigner George Papadopoulos of being "Russian". Dirt "deliver. on Hillary Clinton. The Italian Ministry of Justice's public records indicate that Mifsud, having left Link University where he worked, had applied for police protection in Italy, leaving a glued statement to explain why people might harm him wanted to inflict.

A source in the Italian Ministry of Justice reported that Barr and Durham had played the tape on condition of anonymity to The Daily Beast. A second source within the Italian government also confirmed The Daily Beast that Barr and Durham had other evidence that the Italians had on Mifsud.

Since Robert Mueller completed his investigation in March 201

9, Barr has worked to cushion the impact – and to investigate the investigators behind it. Barr asked Durham to investigate the origins of the millimeter probe. And the name of the Attorney General is listed in the whistleblower complaint about Trump's call on July 25 to the Ukrainian president to pressure him to identify political rival Joe Biden. According to the complaint, Barr was directly involved in the president's attempt "to seek interference from another country in the US elections of 2020". The minutiae of his involvement feed a scandal in Washington, which changes in no time.

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