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Bill Cosby's daughter dies a month before the start of the new trial

Ensa Cosby, Bill Cosby's 44-year-old daughter and one of his most vocal defenders, has died, TMZ reported.

The rumor site said she died Friday night, possibly on the property of the Cosby family in Massachusetts. Cossby spokesman Andrew Wyatt said Ensa Cosby died of kidney disease, according to US Today

"The Cosby Family Thanking many people for their prayers for their beloved and beautiful Ensa, who recently died of kidney disease, "Wyatt said in a statement.

TMZ previously reported that Ensa Cosby had "significant medical problems in the past" including kidney problems and "possibly in line for a transplant."

Ensa Cosby was the third child of the disgraced comedy legend with his wife Camille, and her death comes about a month before her father in Pennsylvania is charged with the attack on Temple University's former employee, Andrea Constand, the Daily Mail said. Cosby's first trial ended in misconduct in June 201

7, and his retrial is scheduled to begin on March 29, USA Today

Ensa Cosby is the second child Cosby has lost; his son Ennis was killed in 1997 during a botched carjacking in Los Angeles

Ensa Cosby, a yoga teacher and mother of a young daughter, steadfastly supported her father on several allegations of rape and sexual misconduct, TMZ and the Daily Mail reported. More than 50 women accuse "The Cosby Show" in over four decades of sexual violence and harassment.

Last year, the Daily Mail said, Ensa Cosby issued a statement, "I firmly believe that my father is innocent of the crimes that are being accused to him, and I believe that racism plays a huge role in all aspects of this Skandals has played. "

Ensa Cosby then ended her testimony by arguing that her father was" lynched in the media "Daily Mail. She said her family, including her young daughter, "passed by helplessly and had to observe the double standard of pretending some of the rights, but ignoring the rights of others."

Bill Cosby's youngest daughter, Evin Cosby, also issued a statement last year to support her father. In a Facebook post, 41-year-old Evian Cosby has destroyed her father's "public prosecution" and "the cruelty of the media and those who brand my father" rapist "without ever knowing the truth.

This story has been updated to include a statement by a spokesperson for the Cosby family about the cause of death.

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