Bishop Charles Ellis III. According to her portrayal on Aretha Franklin's funeral, Dadwitze had been for Ariana Grande.

The Bishop, Aretha Franklin's Funeral, Charles H. Ellis III on Friday apologized to Ariana Grande for touching her on stage and a joke he made about her name.

Accompanied by her fiancé Pete Davidson, Grande traveled to Detroit to attend the ceremony and play one of Franklin's signature hits: "(a woman who makes you feel)" A natural woman she had previously seen on the Tonight Show. shortly after Franklin's death on August 16.

After Grande's performance, Ellis, the on-duty official, brought the singer to the podium, where he popped a joke about her name like a Taco Bell menu and awkwar (19659008) pics For the moment, Ellis' hand, which held Grande well above her waist, pressed his fingers against one side of her chest.

The preacher apologized in an interview with the Associated Press at the cemetery on which Franklin was sitting was buried late Friday.

"It would never be my intention to touch a woman's chest. … I do not know, I suppose, I put my arm around her, "Ellis said, adding," Maybe I crossed the border, maybe I was too friendly or intimate, but I apologize again.

He added, "The last thing I want to do is a distraction to this day. That's all about Aretha Franklin.

Many people post close-ups of the moment on Twitter and tag #RespectAriana.

Ellis also apologized to Grande, her fans, and the Hispanic community for joking about her name.

"I personally apologize and sincerely to Ariana and her fans and the whole Hispanic community, "said Ellis." If you make a program for nine hours trying to keep it alive, you try to joke here and there.

Grande's fiery interpretation even moved her ex-boyfriend Big Sean.The rapper was also present at the funeral and was spotted vacillating to Grande's vocals and gave her standing ovation when she was finished.


Ariana Grande plays "A Natural Woman" and Faith Hill sings at Franklin's funeral "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" (August 31)

After her performance, Grande laughed at Ellis' remark, hugging him and telling the crowd, "I love you, Aretha," before I left the podium.


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Some Twitter users were arguing about Grande & # 39; burial attire and criticized the singer for wearing a minidress in the church.

"Ariana Grande Baby, this is not what you wear at a funeral," a user tweeted someone else her outfit with "what you look like when you come straight to the church after being in Club was. "

Grande also had their defenders, with some fans voting for their tailor-choice.

"If Ariana Grande's dress does not make anyone uncomfortable, I would suggest that you control this demon in yourself and do not blame this young lady for YOUR perverse mind and / or the perverted thoughts of others you for any reason Do not want to check compromise ground, "read a Pro-Grande Tweet .

Twitter also had Lots of jokes about Davidson's presence at the funeral, and people puzzled over why he was not just Grande's Plus-One at this event was an invitation in the first place.

"Ok, we have all limits and my limit is Pete Davidson sitting VIP at Aretha Franklin's funeral," a user tweeted. Another asked, "Can you imagine being at #ArethaHomegoing and seeing Pete Davidson?"

But there was no doubt in the social media that Ellis was too close to the podium during his embarrassing Grande Embrace.

Contribution: Associated Press

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