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Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple Price analysis for the week 24th September to 30th September

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Google may be partially in favor of the crypto ad ban. Ripple Craziness Continues as Coinbase's new listing policy could open doors for XRP listing. Among the corporates, Walmart says suppliers, "Blockchain or Bust". Address from Stablecoin Circle launches Stablecoin (USDC). Among the regulatory news, Crypto Leaders are meeting with Capitol Hill to discuss the future of the cryptocurrency. Among the stock exchanges, Mt. Gox Trustee reports the sale of cryptocurrencies worth $ 230 million since March 201

8. Internationally, the prominent Indian Cryptocurrency Exchange Zebpay becomes the first Cramdo Prohibition of the Indian regulator, while the case is pending in the Apex court The ban is being heard this week [19659003] Google announced this week that the general ban on cryptocurrency ads will end in October. However, the updated policy does not mean that it is a free advertising. Ads for ICOs, purses, and trading advice are still blacklisted, and approved ads can only run in the US and Japan. According to Facebook, cryptographic companies must complete an application for advertising their products or services.

XRP prices rise as Coinbase American Bitcoin exchange prepares to list additional crypto assets, the company announced. Coinbase currently offers Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin. In its blog, the company announced that it is currently working on compliance and regulatory issues that will pave the way for more assets. She said, "The new process will begin with an issuer form to submit assets for listing at Coinbase, which we will evaluate with our Digital Asset Framework, the application form and the Digital Asset Framework will be updated on a regular basis and our form will be the most recent Version of the framework against which we are currently evaluating. "

The XRP also has another message in its name, as the price in the last couple of weeks has dropped, coupled with Jed McCaleb's sale of XRP. The digital token has declined significantly in recent weeks, and company co-founder Jed McCaleb "accelerated" its sale of XRP and sold 40,000 tokens per day by July. He then sold nearly 500,000 XRP daily in August. Now that the price has gone up in the last few days, McCaleb may have shifted his strategy. However, he sold the token worth about $ 150,000 every day. McCaleb has not given his strategy further than to tell the Wall Street Journal that he "does not agree with [ripple] [he has]."

This week, Walmart informed the partners that Californian producers would need to meet their need for Blockchain Chain System or lose their business. The move to blockchain product tracking should help Walmart reduce the volume of contamination recalls. Walmart's vice president of food safety, Frank Yiannas, told reporters that Walmart has been operating Blockchain technology for two years, so the requirement should not be "really surprising".

Stablecoins are back on the news as Circle Launches Stablecoin (USDC). In one of the weirdest trends in the crypto-currency space, Boston-based payment provider Circle has launched its dollar-based Stableco called USDC. This release follows the introduction of Cryptocurrency Exchange Gemini Stablecoin (GUSD). Although these Stablecoins are not in direct competition with each other as they are likely to be domestic only (Circle = Poloniex), they are expected to reduce some of the market share of the Stable – Coin Leaders Tether (USDT)

Fifty participants took on Tuesday a panel organized by Republican Warren Davidson in R-Ohio to discuss the future of the cryptocurrency world. An important point was that the weight of regulatory uncertainty will hamper innovation as companies fear that they will transfer resources to commit legal violations due to misinterpretation of laws.

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According to the recent publication on the Mt. Gox website, Mt. Gox Trustee, Kobayashi has reportedly $ 230 Mn from Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash sold since March 2018, unveiled a report on the mountain. Gox website. Mt. Gox was the undeniably most popular bitcoin exchange in the world before being hacked in 2014.

India's leading cryptocurrency exchange operator Zebpay has closed its stock market transactions with effect from September 28. In a statement on his blog, Zebpay said, "At this point, we are unable to find a sensible way to conduct the cryptocurrency exchange business, as a result of which we will stop our exchange activities." At 4 pm (September 28, 2018) we will Cancel any unexecuted Crypto-to-Crypto orders and repay your Crypto Coins / Tokens to your Zebpay wallet until further orders are not accepted. "However, it was added that Zebpay's purse will continue to be used after the exchange work and you can deposit coins / tokens into your wallet and take off.

Returning from India, the top court may initiate a hearing on the prohibition of crypto transactions by the Reserve Bank of India next week. Speaking of it, Rahul Raj, co-founder and CEO of Koinex, told the media, "Depending on what the Supreme Court's ruling is, there will be a different kind of emotion or movement in the regulatory framework, regulators or exchanges or users will be in situations with much more clarity on how that room will look in the weeks or months ahead. "

Source: Coin360.io

Bitcoin (BTC)

After the green in The past for couple of the week BTC says some minor blues This week ended the week up 2%. Prices reached the highest point of $ 6,785.03 and the lowest point of $ 6,381.86 during the week. With the exception of BitMEX outliers, which had a volume of 19.31%, the BTC bonds, Bithumb (3.00%), Binance (2.57%) and DOBI Trade (2.31%) were in BTC Quantities more active.

Among prominent voices, Fundstrat's Tom Lee said Bitcoin's stability is optimistic at $ 6,000, despite its lower highs. Lee was quoted by Bloomomberg as saying, "$ 6,000 is a level that is more important than we realized it was." At the beginning of this year, we gave $ 6,000 as a break even for Bitcoin Mining, so the level should hold up Bitcoin holds here is very good news.I think there are catalysts at the end of the year.I think, despite the lower highs that we have seen, we are beginning to reverse. "

Ethereum (ETH) [19659018] Ethereum has been replaced with XRP's list of the largest cryptocurrencies from MarketCap. Although he has regained his place, XRP is at a threatening distance. Aether prices hit $ 245.11 USD this week, plummeting to $ 206.49, which was close to the $ 200 hurdle. The markets that were more active this week with different pairs at ETH were DOBI Trade (5.82%), Binance (4.78%) and Huobi (4.40%)

Like Bitcoin, Tom Lee became Also quoted by Ethereum this time by CNBC that the last four out of four times, so bad, with two standard deviations, its ethers saw a "big turnaround". Lee also said that the sentiment towards the ETH was overly negative and that the token bad section peers with two standard deviations were a "sign of capitulation".

Ripple (XRP)

Ripples XRP has a crazy time this time, expecting the Coinbase policy change to open doors for XRP on the prestigious stock exchange. For the week, prices for XRP peaked at $ 0.587431 and down for $ 0.441519. The exchanges that were more active this week with various XRP pairings were Bitbank (12.65%), Upbit (12.55%) and Binance (11.10%)

CoinField for XRP this week Canada's most advanced Bitcoin and the exchange of cryptocurrencies has announced that it is investigating the possibility of using XRP as its base currency.

The other doers

The other coins that became market capitalization this week (see September 30 at 11.30 am)


  • ETERNAL TOKEN – With an increase of 714.23% [19659027] EJOY – With an increase of 390.55%
  • ONG – With an increase of 220.57% [19659030] Shakers

    • Concierge Coin – Showing a drop of 69.69%
    • Coin2Play – Showing a drop of 57.31 %
    • Banyan Network – Show a drop of 39.07%

    What do you think would be the feel of the crypto markets next week? Let us know your views.


      Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple Price Analysis for the Week September 24 to September 30

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    Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple Price Analysis for the Week September 24 to September 30


    Google says goodbye to some of the crypto advertising ban. Ripple Craziness Continues as Coinbase's new listing policy could open doors for XRP listing. Among the corporates, Walmart Tell's suppliers, "Blockchain or Bust". Author


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