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Black "Feel Better" dolls that were pulled out of the store shelves after being classified as racist

Photo: Assembly woman Angela V. McKnight (Facebook)

Black rag dolls with instructions to abuse them On the shelves of one-dollar zone stores in New Jersey, about 1

,000 of the dolls, referred to as the "Feel Better Doll," were reported from three stores away in New Jersey, according to the president of the One Dollar Zone Associated Press.

The dolls, made of black fabric and hair of red, black, green and yellow yarn, are marked with a label that instructs the doll owner "to grab the legs and find a wall to hit", while he shouted, "I feel fine. I feel good.

After seeing the dolls on social media for the first time, assembly worker Angela V. McKnight visited a one-dollar zone in Bayonne, New Jersey, in the district she represented to see the dolls themselves , She posted photos of the doll on her Facebook page, along with a statement called the Dolls Offensive.

"Racism has no place in the world and I will not tolerate it, especially not in this district. When I saw the doll in person, I flinched and was deeply disappointed by the thought that a black child was beaten by another child or an adult out of sheer pleasure. A product to show children or teach that it is okay to beat another child, regardless of race, to feel well is sick. Dolls should be a symbol of love, care and affection.

To apologize, One Dollar Zone apologized and quickly removed the problematic dolls from the shelves.

From CNN:

President of the One Dollar Zone, Ricky Shah, said The company immediately took the dolls off the shelves after customers expressed concerns about them.

"One Dollar Zone deeply apologizes for this incident," Shah said.

One Dollar Zone said the controversial dolls are part of an assorted purchase of 35,000 units. The company said it was trying to inspect all items, but could not catch it all.

The dolls came in two more colors, green and yellow, the company added.

The manufacturer of the dolls is Harvey Hutter Co. The company phone numbers are being separated and the website does not exist anymore.

Given the history of black dolls in this country – starting with Dr. Kenneth and Mamie Clark's pioneering study, also known as the "puppet test" – one wonders how such a doll was made in the first place. Given the history of this country, nobody needs to be surprised.

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