This year, REI will close its doors on Black Friday, encouraging employees and customers to spend time outdoors instead. REI is canceling Black Friday this year. No promotions, no hourly sales, no bouncers, no waiting.

While other retailers encourage shoppers to take advantage of Black Friday deals to save some greenery, REI wants them to go outside and experience greenery.

Seattle for the fifth time The retailer will close its doors the day after Thanksgiving, one of the biggest shopping days of the year, as part of its #OutOutside initiative. The company will not process online payments, but pay 13,000 employees, the company said on Wednesday.

This year, however, the co-operative, which stands for Recreational Equipment Inc., continues the initiative by asking its employees and 18 According to Eric Artz, CEO of USA TODAY, millions of members have the opportunity to opt for a nationwide cleanup , Environmental remediation sites are published on the REI website at

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"We will still go outside and play – but this time we bring our work gloves and we invite you to join us," Artz wrote in a letter to the members. "It's time to fight for outdoor life – and for life on this planet."

Thanksgiving also closes REI stores, contrary to another trend of previous Christmas sales Artz, who was named CEO in May, said he wanted to "take a more courageous stance on climate and climate change". However, Artz said it was more than a day and the company launches a full year of action with the opt-to-act plan.

"This is a first step in a new journey for us, as we will also initiate climate change measures and invite consumers for 52 weeks. Walk through the small steps every single one of us can take to lead a life every week that is kinder to the planet. "

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