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Black Lives Matter painted mural outside Trump Tower in Manhattan

On Thursday morning, city employees began painting a section of Fifth Avenue just outside the Trump Organization headquarters. Mayor Bill de Blasio approved the bright yellow mural earlier this month.

The New York Mayor rolled up his sleeves and also painted a piece of the mural that was clad in a mask and flanked by civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton.

“President Trump said we would disparage the luxury of Fifth Avenue. Let me tell you: we do not disparage anything, we liberate Fifth Avenue, we elevate Fifth Avenue,” said de Blasio on Thursday criticized in response to Trump’s last tweet week de Blasio for “disparaging”
; the area.

He added: “Who built this city, who built this nation and never got the recognition, the recognition …”

“When we say ‘Black Lives Matter’, there is no longer an American statement, there is no longer a patriotic statement because there is no America without Black America. We recognize the truth in ourselves and in America. By using ‘Black Lives Matter ‘say we’re correcting an injustice, “said de Blasio.

President Donald Trump was furious with the plan after being announced by city officials earlier this month.

He called the words “Black Lives Matter” a “symbol of hatred” and suggested that police officers block the work: “Perhaps our BIG police, neutralized and despised by a mayor who hates and disrespects them, let this happen not to This symbol of hatred will be placed on New York’s main street. Instead, spend this money on crime fighting! “

CNN asked the Trump organization for a comment.

The mural marks the second time the words appear in large letters in front of one of Trump’s houses. Washington’s mayor had painted the term in large yellow letters on a street near the White House last month.

Not all fans of Black Lives Matters liked the murals.

After the debut of the Washington mural, the local chapter of the Black Lives Matter Global Network described the mural as a “performative distraction from real political changes”. Black Lives Matter supporters have repeatedly urged local leaders to cut police budgets that DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has warned of.
The New York City Council voted this month to cut the NYPD budget, although even advocates of defusing police on the City Council weren’t happy with the budget cuts that still allowed two police classes to join the squad while adding new staff to the department of education have been frozen.

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