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"Black Panther" fans should not expect a soon-to-be-continued, but one is on the way

Anyone who has seen or visited the D23 Expo will know that Marvel and Disney have given us a news store edition of his life. It can be argued that the list of scheduled films and streaming projects is a bit overwhelming for the A-list talent and writing teams that have landed. In the midst of chaos, however, we have learned that there will be Black Panther 2 .

  Black Panther-Cast
Black Panther Cast | Han Myung-Gu / Getty Images for Disney

However, it may disappoint some Marvel fans just how long everyone has to wait for this sequel. Not that the effect of it does not help anymore that everyone is waiting.

How long will it take? If you know the date, you can see it as the perfect timing for the time we live.

A waiting period of three years does not seem to be that long nowadays.

According to the D23 Expo Panel, you can expect Black Panther 2 on May 6, 2022, which will then open the early summer movie season. Ryan Coogler will also be directing again and giving him the necessary elements to be successful again.

Some fans may not be sure if they will have to wait until they follow up on the massive cultural impact of the first film There was already clear evidence of the recent Comic-Con in San Diego that there would be no Black Panther 2 in 2021, after a massive new MCU had been announced for the next few years.

Marvel remained silent until the explanation and d the date of publication at D23. Perhaps this was deliberately done to keep everyone informed of their prospects. Black Panther star Martin Freeman recently commented before the D23 Expo.

According to Freeman, he then expected that the date of the shoot would be sometime in 2021. Now we know it's him. I was right, if not even earlier, to make sure this film lives up to its lofty ideals.

Taking the time to create another "Black Panther" classic.

Ryan Coogler has been quoted as saying he'll do it on D23 Take time for the movie so they get each element the way they want it. They seemed to have done the same with the first film, considering that the shooting started more than a year and a half before it was released, and that tons of research into African history was being done.

Now, more than three years before the release, the film has much room to expand the world of Wakanda even further. We all hope to see and learn much more about this fictional African country and its mythologies / culture.

At the same time, we also want to see what the movie is going to do to connect with what is going on in our real world, as it did the first time. When it comes out in 2022, maybe it's the perfect timing when our culture sees itself as a society.

The last time the film was interrupted, Black Panther (T & # 39; Challa) was seen as a dialogue partner to the United Nations over the role that Wakanda plays as a peaceful country with powerful technology. Of course, we can see that this may be exploited in the sequel to Americans, something that is directly related to Avatar. Will we see how Wakanda and America work together or go to war? Wakanda is such a technologically advanced civilization, one can not help but see that the American government wants to exploit what it has. In the first film, we have already seen attempts to sell their technology to other Africans around the world to make them more powerful.

If we see American leaders after her, the film could surpass Avatar . in the realization of the massive real overtones. With the recent analysis of early 17th-century slavery in North America, it appears logical for greedy US forces to seek out Wakanda. Remember, however, that the story is not yet confirmed.

By 2022, we may be in a place where the second film will resonate at a higher level. Any rescue grace would be that we somehow "normalize" / calm down in our country beforehand, so it will not be so painful to see racial parallels on the big screen.

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