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Black Trump supporter attacked Cheesecake Factory via MAGA hat: Report

The Cheesecake Factory is investigating an incident in one of its Miami locations after a black customer claims to have been verbally attacked by employees for its "Make America Great Again" home, the Daily Wire reports.

Eugenior Joseph, 22, was reportedly having dinner with his girlfriend's family on Mother's Day in the dadeland mall of the restaurant. His MAGA hat allegedly attracted the attention of a female employee who gathered her staff to confront him, a website witness said. The witness further claims that about a dozen of these employees circled his desk and pointed with their fingers.

"So all the employees started to stand there and say things aloud, like," I'm going to hit him so hard. "The source is said."


Other witnesses to The Daily Wire say that some employees used the N-word in relation to Joseph when talking to each other while another spoke his fists swung.

Joseph himself told the Daily Wire that an employee was standing behind him, "clenching his fists, smacking his fists and trying to scare me"

At one point Joseph claims he and his girlfriend stood up to the To use the toilet, and were greeted by the staff, who "clapped and shouted and yelled at things." The kitchen staff reportedly booed him as he passed by.

Joseph and his girlfriend's family finally left the restaurant scolding just to get into the police waiting outside, the report said. It is unclear who called the police to the restaurant. Witnesses say the officials have not charged the restaurant or employees.

<img src = "http://a57.foxnews.com/images.foxnews.com/content/fox-news/food-drink/2018/05/15/black-trump-supporter-attacked-at- cheesecake-factory-over-maga-has-report / _jcr_content / article-text / article-par-8 / inline_spotlight_ima / image.img.jpg / 612/344 / 1526386892056.jpg? ve = 1 & tl = 1 "alt =" Eugenior Joseph, 22, told The Daily Wire that the employees of the Dadeland Mall of the Cheesecake Factory "just shout" things about me "about his MAGA hat.

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The Daily Wire claims to have seen footage and photos confirming testimonies. The site also says that the footage shows a young girl crying in the restaurant, as well as the family of Joseph's girlfriend, who talks to several police officers who arrived at the restaurant.

The Cheesecake Factory has published a statement regarding the incident.

"No guest should ever feel unwelcome in one of our restaurants, and we take this matter very seriously," says Daily Wire. "After hearing about this incident, we immediately apologized to the guests, and we are conducting an investigation and will take appropriate corrective action."

According to The Daily Wire, the Cheesecake Factory later confirmed that "the individuals involved in the incident have been suspended until the results of our investigation are available." [19455919] EX-CHIPOTLE MANAGER, PUNISHED Punish $ 626, GOT A FAST $ 8 MILLION

The news of the incident in Miami follows similar allegations from guests while eating or drinking facilities that are molested because of their MAGA hats. In January 2017, a native of Philadelphia, Greg Piatek claimed that he was denied service and removed from a New York bar for wearing his MAGA hat. Meanwhile, the bar – called the happiest hour – claimed that Piatek was never removed from the facility, and actually left a $ 36 tip when he left on his own.

A judge in Manhattan later ruled that the bar would be in its right to refuse service because of political differences, since the law does not protect against such discrimination.

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