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Black Widow's epic return to Marvel Comics is just the kind of story her movie should be

Black Widow remembers her past.
Illustration: Travel Foreman, Rachelle Rosenberg (Marvel Comics)

Black Widow's death was one of the few major changes that Marvel's Secret Empire did not witness that Kobik, a living embodiment of the cosmic cube's power has undone. Not surprisingly, the superspy is already back from the dead, but their return reveals interesting new information that changes everything we know about them.

Over the last few months, Hawkeye and the Winter Soldier have been on the hunt for a trained assassin whom they believe could be Natasha – based on the ability of the Mystery figure to eliminate their targets. In Tales of Suspense # 102, the two Avengers are shocked when widow turns up alive and healthy and confirms her suspicions. Issue # 103 states that while the evil Captain America definitely killed Widow, the Red Room had been cloning many of its agents for years and using Psychic Epsilon Red to vaccinate each clone with a copy of the original agent's store. [19659005] Widow and Ursa Major contemplating the strangeness of their "resurrection".

Illustration: Travel Foreman, Rachelle Rosenberg (Marvel Comics)

Under normal circumstances, the widow would have been revived and only received the memories of the Red Room to keep her under her control. But the latest Widow clone wakes up all her memories, including her traumatic death, thanks to the intervention of Ursa Major, a super-intelligent bear who also works for the Red Room. With both Hydra and SHIELD practically out of business, the Red Room has plans to become the new dominant shadow organization manipulating the world – and all their plans rely on their cloning program to work without hiccups.

Now Natasha understands the long game The red space plays, but she takes things into her own hands and tries to take them from within. Although the "secret clone factory" is not exactly the newest comic act, it's just that kind of story that brings out the best in characters like Black Widow. And it would actually form a pretty solid foundation for the Black Widow Solo movie, which eventually comes to the MCU.

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