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Blackout: Important operators close HPC stations

Several large providers of charging infrastructure have shut down their high performance chargers over the past two days to investigate a potential safety issue with Huber + Suhner's liquid-cooled charging cables. Comprehensive safety checks are performed while reading.

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The Dutch company Fastned and the US subsidiary of Volkswagen, Electrify America, first confirmed that most of their high performance charging stations were powered off with liquid cooled cables to provide power up to 350kW. The manufacturer of these cables, Huber + Suhner, had warned customers using this technology worldwide.

Soon after, electrive also received a statement from Ionity. The European high-performance charging network, backed by major automakers, says some HPC chargers have also been shut down immediately to investigate a potential safety issue with regard to liquid-cooled cables.

"Customer safety comes first," says Dr. Michael Hajesch, CEO of Ionity. "We shut down stations with the Huber + Suhner high-performance cables and we confirm that they can be operated safely. We work with our partners and suppliers to enable normal operations as quickly as possible. "

The measure currently covers 20 ionisation charging stations in Austria, Switzerland, France and Denmark. Chargers that are not affected by the cable problem remain open and can be used. These include charging stations in the following countries: Germany, Italy, Denmark (except location in Aabenraa), Sweden and Norway.

Huber + Suhner's recommendation to temporarily switch off HPC fast chargers was, of course, also received by Fastned and Electrify America. According to Fastned, shutdown only affects the 175 kW chargers with appropriate cables. The 50 kW units would be available as well as 175 kW chargers with other cables. At Electrify America, the theme is "most of our 150 to 350 kW chargers." Again, it is stressed that all other charging stations continue to work.

The news broke first after rumors of an acute "incident" in an ABB column. However, it seems that only the HPC chargers from ABB are affected by Ionity, as the tritium columns Ionity has added to the portfolio are not yet using such cables. We talked about how liquid cooling of Huber + Suhner components works here some time ago.

After the first rumors, Fastned gave the technical problem a little more detail and said that the security problem had become noticeable in the cables of an old sample series Huber + Suhner, which had a specific design and was tested with less stringent standards. However, following the supplier's warning, it was decided to discontinue the use of all Liquid Cooled Cables until the now planned tests are completed. Safety first.

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Additional coverage by Nora Manthey.

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