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Blizzard permanently lowers the price of Overwatch | Dexerto.com

Blizzard has announced that it will permanently lower the price of the Overwatch Standard and Legendary Editions.

The Standard Edition has been reduced from $ 39.99 to $ 19.99, while the Legendary Edition – which comes with a variety of hero skins and also with a variety of hero skins. Some rewards for other Blizzard games like World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm – have been reduced from $ 59.99 to $ 39.99.

The move comes on a gaming market that is increasingly dominated by free-to-play games. With options from League of Legends to Fortnite available for free, the big names are under more pressure than ever to justify their premium pricing.

Although Overwatch has not gone so far as to be free, Blizzard is hoping for a price cut to attract potential players who would not have been willing to pay the release price for a more than two-year game ,

Blizzard Entertainment

The legendary edition contains a variety of skins.

Rumors also indicate that Overwatch is seeking to maintain its sizeable player base in the face of growing frustration over the status of the game and a lack of new content to keep players in suspense. An injection of new players could help to rejuvenate the game.

Overwatch is not the first big title that has led to a price reduction in recent months. In December 2018, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was played for free, making Overwatch one of the last major esports games that still incurs a starting fee.

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