The Food and Drug Administration has published information on its web site listing the blood pressure medicines that have been recalled because of their carcinogenicity. The following should be noted.

Macleods Pharmaceuticals Limited recalls 32 batches of the popular blood pressure drug Losartan after discovering traces of a likely carcinogen.

The recalled losartan and potassium / hydrochlorothiazide combination tablets contained low levels of N-nitrosodiethylamine or NDEA, according to a company announcement published Wednesday, by the Food and Drug Administration website.

"The active ingredient was manufactured by Hetero Labs Limited of India, one of the overseas drug factories," the recall notice has iterating repeated blood drug recalls since last July.

For the same reason, Macleods recalled a batch of the Losartan combination drug in February. The company stated in the statement that "no reports of adverse effects have been received for this recall".

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