A passenger on a delayed Ryanair flight from London, apparently tired of having to disembark after landing in the southern Spanish city of Malaga, surprised his fellow passengers by using the emergency exit to board for one wing to jump .

A Ryanair flight from Scotland to Spain had unexpected turbulence over the weekend, after two passengers in a bloody brawl were thousands of feet up in the air.

The incident occurred on Saturday in the middle of a flight from Glasgow Prestwick Airport to Tenerife South. Social media footage shows the chaotic scene in which two men come to blows while fellow travelers shout that they stop.

In a video posted by Ben Wardrop on Twitter flight attendants are fighting for the separation of the two fighting passengers in the aisle. It is not clear what triggered the dispute.

After the scuffle has been disbanded, you can see the Ryanair flight crew leading the men in opposite directions. One man's face was covered with blood as the other man kept shouting threats.

Ryanair (Photo: Andreas Arnold, AFP / Getty Images)

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"The crew of this flight asked for police assistance when two passengers were disturbed during the flight," said Piaras Kelly, spokesman for Ryanair, in a statement to USA TODAY. "The plane landed normally, and the police removed two people and arrested them."

The disturbing passengers were not identified.

Warning: The discretion of the beholder is recommended.

The claim continued, "We will never tolerate unruly or disruptive behavior, and the safety and comfort of our customers, the crew and the aircraft are our top priorities, which is now a matter for the local Police."

Stephen Griffiths, who was on a return flight after the brawl, shared images of blood were still visible in the luggage compartment of the aircraft. "There was still blood in the cabin when we arrived for the return flight," he tweeted.

This is not the first violent incident that took place in the middle of the flight. On Valentine's Day, a Ryanair flight was temporarily diverted to Madrid after fists aboard a flight from Glasgow (Scotland) to Malaga (Spain) had reportedly flown.

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