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Bloomberg rips Trump: 'Totally incompetent'

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White House

The former New York mayor and potential 2020 contender touts his credentials for president in a hard-hitting speech.


McLEAN, Va. – Michael Bloomberg

The former New York City mayor delivered his most scathing remarks about Trump since he was then-candidate Donald Trump a "dangerous demagogue" and knocked his business credentials in a speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

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"Bloomberg said Friday morning in a speech at the Democratic Business Council of Northern Virginia event.

Though both are New York billionaires, Bloomberg said he was "casually" through interactions at ceremonial events. The assertion of the final real estate shutdown in US history.

The Trump and Democrats save billions of dollars on his border wall.

"The whole episode really is a cynical, political stunt, and, unfortunately, we're the ones paying the price," Bloomberg said. "You've got exactly what I described: This is a person who should not be the president of the United States, and I think we have to get serious. He is way over his head. "

Bloomberg dismissed America's executive-in-chief as a" real estate promoter who's never run a large organization before "and" lost big on a bunch of bets " father.

And as he continues to seek the Democratic nomination for president, Bloomberg touted his credentials for the job.

"We've gotta do something to make sure we get somebody." different in the White House two years from now, and I'm committed to doing that, "he said. "This is about competence – or the paint of it. Who is not in an entry-level job, and who is a pretending CEO who is recklessly running this country, the worse it's gonna be for our economy and for our security. This is really dangerous. "

He likened Trump and his administration to a horror movie:" Instead of Freddy Krueger in the 'Nightmare on Elm Street,' we've got Donald Trump and the nightmare on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. "

Hey, so advised voters to reject Trump in the next election in terms of understand: You're fired. He / she has been asked to take his / her job in the private sector.

"If you can not help them, you move them out, you fire them," he said. "And that's what we've gotta do.

The Antidote to Trump and the Gridlock in Washington, Bloomberg, is a pragmatic, experienced executive who can reach across the board aisle. He acknowledged his own qualifications, which was 12 years ago in City Hall, in an executive role he said is involved with the largest number of embassies in the nation

"We've gotta make sure that we offer real alternative for 2020 – we're just going to do it!" the people that know how to manage, "he said. "Thesis jobs – whether it's president or governor or mayor – those are executive jobs. … And we've gotta make sure we put it up. "

He joked about his rationale for visiting early states – going to Iowa because of Climate Change and New Hampshire because he has a home there – but acknowledged that he's thinking about taking a shot at the White House.

"It would be great to see you in the private sector," he said. "You gotta take a look at the possibilities of getting elected. You've gotta look at your family and your private life is getting disrupted and changed. And I've got a pretty good life. Having said that, I do not like going away from challenges. "

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.), Who attended the breakfast, told POLITICO he was struck by Bloomberg's "matter-of-fact" observations and would like to see him run to the party's choices.

"I think he brings "Enough credentials and experience and authority to a possible presidential run," said Connolly.

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