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Bloomberg, the ultimate data type, ignores the data

In his company, ideas – even stories – do not shine without data to support them.

When Bloomberg runs away, he flies against internal polls conducted by his own team. which shows that there is no clear path to victory.

The little public data we have about Bloomberg does not look promising. For example, in March Bloomberg interviewed only 2% of potential primary democratic voters at national level. He had a positive rating of 27% compared to a negative rating of 38% among the likely Iowa Caucus goers. In the same month he announced that he would not run for the nomination.

Recently, a Fox News poll in October 2019 posed a slightly different question and noted that 6% of Democratic primary voters said they would definitely elect Bloomberg in a Democratic primary election, while 32% said they would never vote for agree with him.

Given his rhetoric that Democrats must defeat Trump at any cost, why would Bloomberg take advantage of former Vice President Joe Biden's opportunity to be nominated? After all, Biden asks in important swing conditions the best against Trump.

Bloomberg has seen the former vice president fade in Iowa and does not believe Biden has a shot. Biden's numbers halved in the survey of likely Iowa caucusgoers last year, and in a recent poll at Quinnipiac University, he had dropped to just 1


Bloomberg and his team are not deterred by the in-house survey data, which is not particularly meaningful, said a Bloomberg consultant, who set the context for the strategy.

"It's not particularly strong, but it's not zero either," the counselor said.

The consultant said the thinking within the Bloomberg camp is that current polls do not take into account moderates who would be outnumbering a candidate they're looking forward to, the counselor said. [19659002] "He's a data guy, so he knows well which data is real and which is not," said the adviser.

In fact, Bloomberg may have a problem addressing two of Biden's major constituencies: white voters without college degrees and non-white voters. A poll by Fox News in October 2019 revealed that only 8% of whites without a college degree and 7% of non-white voters would definitely vote for Bloomberg in a Democratic primary.

The Billionaire Equation

A possible Bloomberg run would fuel the ongoing debate over income inequality and whether billionaires are buying elections – issues that are at the center of Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders' campaigns , Co-billionaire Tom Steyer has spent millions of dollars on television advertising and barely registers in the polls while debating.

Shortly after the Bloomberg news became known, Warren and Sanders mocked him on Twitter.

Bloomberg did not respond to Twitter on Thursday night, but has shot Warren in the past.

Bloomberg joked in August He met Warren at a weapons safety forum in Iowa, where he said he reminded her that if his company had not been successful, "We would not be here today, enough with that stuff. "

Bloomberg is not the only billionaire to criticize Warren's rhetoric and politics. There are a growing number of billionaires and Wall Street executives publicly shooting at Warren. The latest voice was JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon this week, who said Warren "denigrates successful people".

Hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman claimed that Warren "deals with" the dream of America. "

Neither Dimon nor Cooperman are sympathetic characters. And the billionaires who beat Warren can strengthen their reputation. Every time one of them shoots at her, she tweets about it.

After Dimon's attack, Warren shot back: "The fact that they reacted so strongly – so angry! – When asked to add more, you'll learn everything you need to know – the system works great for the rich and good networked people, and Jamie Dimon does not want that to change, I'm going to fight to make sure it works for everyone. "

And when Cooperman quit talking about her, she said," One thing, from who knows that she cares about him – his fortune – he's a shareholder of Navient, a student loan company that has cheated on borrowers and used abusive, misleading methods. "

" How stupid are these guys, "said a big Democratic donor before the Bloomberg news broke out one of these comments. "

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