Blueface took care of his business and drove around in his black Porsche when he was stopped by the police on Friday. TMZ received footage of the incident in which the rapper was handcuffed on the curb by a witness who passed by in their vehicle. According to the outlet, Blueface was stopped first after the cops said he drove too fast. When they inspected the vehicle, they found that its windows were tinted and no signs were attached to the car.

The officers also alleged that the rapper was in a residential area and decided to handcuff him until he went through his information. After finding that he had committed no crime and had no arrest warrants, they only let him go with a warning. Shortly before he was stopped by the police, Blueface uploaded video clips in which he got stuck in his car. He showed his jewelry and sang music without worrying about the world.

In the meantime, the show must go on, and fans will see their favorite bus-down rapper at a show for all ages in Sacramento tonight's Ace of Spades.