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BMW charges an annual subscription fee of $ 80 to use Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay was the savior for iPhone owners who did not purchase a navigation system in their car or prefer to use apps on their iPhone rather than those built into their vehicle's infotainment system. In essence, you can transfer a version of the apps and features of your limited functionality phone to the infotainment screen of your car. Most car manufacturers offer CarPlay for free – so much so that it is almost expected that a new car will have it in 2019. BMW wants to change that.

BMW has confirmed this week that owners wishing to use Apple CarPlay for their BMW will be charged an annual subscription fee of $ 80. If you want to get a small discount by buying 20 years of CarPlay at once, you can instead pay $ 300 for a 240-month subscription. Drivers of 201

9 and newer BMWs will receive free access to Apple CarPlay for one year and will have to pay a subscription if they wish to continue using the service after this year, according to Engadget .

BMW announced this change in early 2018, but that does not make it popular among CarPlay believers. The automakers claim that an extra service charge allows them to keep the initial costs for new BMWs low, but it's so small compared to the cost of a new BMW that I have to challenge that logic.

Various studies have shown that Apple CarPlay is a must for many buyers. Eight in ten Americans claim to have CarPlay in their next car, according to Strategy Analytics and the American Auto Association has confirmed that CarPlay and the Android version distract Android Auto less than the infotainment of many automaker systems , Congratulations, BMW owners: For a safer driving experience, you will need to pay extra now.

Even budget-conscious manufacturers like Kia and Mazda now offer CarPlay functionality for free and as Engadget notes, Kia and Mazda also feature Android Auto features that can be used by other major smartphone owners , In the meantime, BMW does not support Android Auto at all and now wants users to pay for something that everyone else can charge for free.

Frankly, BMW does not seem to understand the plot with its technology packages. What is the point of owning a luxury car if a Kia has some features your Bimmer does not have?

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