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Boaty McBoatface is back with new science


Boaty, seen here on a larger boat.

Povl Abrahamsen, British Antarctic Survey

After all these years, it feels like we all live on this yellow submarine. The intrepid Boaty McBoatface is back on the news after the first scientific findings were released using data from the Internet's preferred autonomous submarine.

Already in April 201

7, the minivan with the silly name maneuvered for three days through the dark, cold and mountainous waters of the Southern Ocean. For over 180 kilometers (112 miles) it measures the temperature, salinity and turbulence of the water at the bottom of this foreboding sea.

Using Boaty's data, scientists were able to establish an association between increasing wind over the Southern Ocean and rising sea levels.

In general, the winds near the ground have increased thanks to the Antarctic hole in the ozone layer and rising greenhouse gas emissions. The winds seem to intensify the turbulence deep in the ocean, as Boaty notes. These turbulences in turn make colder, denser water from the deep and warmer water over it. The resulting warming of the water, according to researchers at the University of Southampton, significantly contributes to sea level rise.

"Our study is an important step to understand how climate change in the remote and inhospitable Antarctic waters will affect global warming and future sea-level rise," said Professor Alberto Naveira Garabato, who led the project, in a press release.

You may recall that "Boaty McBoatface" was the winner of an online contest asking for a new British polar exploration ship on the Internet. In the end, this ship was named instead in honor of Sir David Attenborough and instead baptized a small yellow drone submarine with the noble name McBoatface "This study is a great example of how exciting new technologies like the unmanned submarine & # 39; Boaty McBoatface & # 39; can be deployed, "Dr. Povl Abrahamsen of the British Antarctic Survey.

It may be a little McBoatface, but it still feels like we all live on this yellow submarine and the entire Internet is on board. Everyone! We all live in one ….

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