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Bob Iger of Disney welcomes the "historic day for our company" following the completion of the Fox deal

Shortly after acquiring Fox's $ 71.3 billion worth of assets officially closed at 12:02 ET ET, the deal's architect, Disney boss Bob Iger, sent out an internal memo the existing and newly added employees with the title "A historic day for our company. "

In the note, Iger outlined Disney's plans for the future and emphasized that he should build a direct consumer business for Netflix and Amazon.

In addition, he warned of "the challenging work of the association's business" that lies ahead. "Our integration process will continue to evolve, with some companies being more affected than others," said Iger, asking for patience, while the company brings together the various companies that are expected to cause about 4,000 redundancies. He emphasized that "we feel obliged to act as soon as possible to clarify" how the role of people can be affected.

There are no meetings with Iger after the merger with Iger, but one of his new top lieutenants, Walt Peter Rice, chairman of the Disney broadcaster, is expected to approach the company's merged TV departments next week ,

Here are parts of Iger's Memo:

"I would like to welcome our new colleagues and thank the staff both sides of the deal for their patience and perseverance as we have worked through the lengthy acquisition and regulatory process," wrote Iger

Then he talked about the future.

"As you know, Disney never had enough ambitions, we have never been satisfied with the status quo, and our vision for this transformative era is our boldest so far Companies rapidly to take full advantage of evolving consumer trends and emerging technologies to succeed in this new and exciting time.

Our 21

st Century Fox acquisition was driven by our firm belief that these big companies should be added Brands, franchises and talents will enable us to move faster, get ahead and move higher elen – especially when it comes to build direct links with consumers expected job cuts.

"I wish I could tell you that the hardest part is behind us. The deal was the finish line and not just the next milestone. What lies ahead is the challenging work of uniting our businesses into a dynamic, global entertainment company with content, platforms and reach to deliver industry-independent experiences that will delight consumers around the world for generations to come.

Our integration process will be a development, with some companies more affected than others. We have already made many critical decisions, but some areas require further evaluation. We may not have answers to all of your questions, but we understand the importance of information and are committed to taking action as soon as possible to clarify how your role can be influenced. "

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