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Bob Myers had a mandate for Steve Kerr's phone call with DeMarcus cousins

OAKLAND – Relax, Warriors fans, DeMarcus cousins ​​is not coming to the Bay Area to destroy the good mood around your favorite NBA team. There are more than five million reasons why he wants you to believe that.

When Cousins ​​approached Warriors architect Bob Myers 1

7 days ago to see if the defending champion would be interested in his service, Myers paused. Not to examine his own thoughts, but to consult with the All-Stars, who would share the locker room with a man who is perceived as a gifted dynamite drum.

The answers were overwhelming and down the line yes. Team principal Stephen Curry has signed. Draymond Green was simple; He is always looking for new talents. Klay Thompson is lighter because he is naturally maintenance free.

Kevin Durant also stopped. He had a question: He comes for $ 5 million?

When Myers responded that Cousins ​​was indeed ready to accept the team's $ 5.3 million tax debtors, Durant was sold. He said that was all he needed to know.

Cousins, 27, has earned approximately $ 80 million during his eight-year career. His salary last season in New Orleans was just over $ 18 million. When he was on the free-agent market in July, he needed to know that even if the teams had surgery for an Achilles tendon, they would be willing to offer at least half to a seasoned star. Yes, even with his "luggage".

But there, barely in day 2 of the free agency, he was shopping at a heavily discounted price to the Warriors.

"When he made the gesture that he wanted to come to our team, these are not words, this is an action," Myers said Thursday after Cousins ​​was featured as a warrior. "I want to win and the money is not the most important thing."

"They do not come to our team if they are the best scorer or are looking for statistics, we are not the place to do it, we are the place to come if they want to win."

The Warriors four consecutive seasons have reached the NBA finals and won three championships. They went through cousins ​​former team, New Orleans, in the playoffs on the way to the title last month.

Cousins ​​could not play because of his injury, but he was able to experience the postseason, however, on behalf of the first time.

"This is just a chance to play for a winning culture," said Cousins. "I also have the chance to play with some of the most talented players of this era, these two things alone, that sums it up pretty well."

Cousin's reputation is that of someone who plays with a chip on his shoulder which can sometimes be harmful. He was suspended twice for exceeding the technical threshold. He has beaten himself with coaches, paired with the media. Almost all of these moments were in Sacramento, with the unlucky kings whose last winning season was in 2006, when Cousins ​​was 15 years old.

Cousins ​​have generally behaved in the last season and being in a successful team was probably a factor.

"In a winning culture and a winning environment, I think we're all a bit better," Myers said. "Sometimes, if it does not work, it's harder, he's seen a side of the NBA that many of our players have never seen, there's growth that goes with it, there's growth, if you're someone who's after his Getting out of college for the first time and coming to the NBA as a Nobel laureate and being expected as a team leader (19 or 20 years old) is an adaptation for everyone, we all would go through the same.

"He's at that point now in his life and career, where he has seen the difficult side of professional basketball playing. Although he has, in a way, earned a lot of money and done many things, he wants to win.

That Cousins ​​is a prolific player thriving on success seems to be the popular opinion, and his former general at the Pelicans, Dell Demps, put up just as much this on on The Warriors Insider podcast Hall of Fame Guard Gary Payton, who has spent time with cousins ​​during the Olympics, agrees.

So, of course, Cousins ​​does, with many of his new teammates in the hope of a greater relationship [19659003] "It's a great group of people, carefree people, maybe outside Draymond," he laughed, "but it's a great group. I think we will get along well. "

You have to, because only then does Cousins ​​receive a reward for his $ 5.3 million game.

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