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Body camera video Chandler breaking through door of home with toddler

CHANDLER, Ariz. 2-year-old inside had a life-threatening fever.

According to Chandler police, officers were dispatched to the home near Elliot Road and Dobson Road around 10:30 pm

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During the phone calls, Brooks Bryce, the boy's dad, is talking about his meeting with a young man and is about to leave home .

"He's doing fine. His fever's broke. He's under 100 degrees. He's doing just fine, "Bryce tells an officer on the phone.

The officer responds," OK, well we need to see it for ourselves and ̵

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" No, you do not need to, "Bryce

The officer warns Bryce multiple times throughout the night that DCS wants to take custody of their child.

The video also shows the officer talking to the doctor over the phone to ask about 2-year-old's condition.

At one point, Bryce tells the doctor that he is sick, but he does not take them to the hospital life-threatening.

The Police Department's Special.

Victims Unit, the parents were given a final opportunity to leave child to the hospital, police said.

A little before 1:30 am, officers break through the front door and point out their guns and flashlights inside, telling the parents they're about to take their son into DCS custody. [19659002] The police report says the DCS investigator on scene

Bryce is now put into handcuffs and led away.

The mother, Sarah Beck, then comes out of the house with the 2-year-old and asks where her husband is.

According to police, two other children, ages 4 and 6,





Editor's Note: NBC's 12 news contributed to this article. [19659023]
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