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Body recovering from me believed to miss the Eureka couple

Laura Seitz, Deseret News

A policeman watches as Kylysta Otteson, Brelynne "Breezy" Otteson's sister, Emalee Otteson, Brelynne's stepmother, Kenny Otteson, Brelynne's father, and Anisty Shoemaker, Brelynne's sister, comfort after two bodies were recovered 1

00 feet deep on Wednesday, March 28, 2018, in a deserted mine shaft outside Eureka. The two corpses, which were Riley Powell (18) and Brelynne "Breezy" Otteson (17), were pulled out of the Tintic Standard Mine.

EUREKA, Juab County – The families of a young couple missing since the beginning of the year said Wednesday they had the desired closure, even if it was not the hoped-for result.

"For us" We bring the children home. There we are now. We finally get this closure, "said Amanda Hunt, Aunt of Brelynne" Breezy "Otteson.

Two bodies were recovered from the abandoned Tintic Standard Mine off Eureka, about 100 feet down on a ledge of the 1,576 foot deep mine after the sheriff Office in Utah, the Sheriff's office in Juab and the heavy rescue team of the United Fire Brigade on Wednesday had made great efforts, it is believed that the bodies around Riley Powell (18) and the 17-year-old Otteson (19659007), Brentney "Breezy" Otteson, 17, and Riley Powell, 18,

identify and identify causes of death Utah County Undersecretary Darin Durfey said foul play is suspected and investigators have identified individuals of interest, although no arrests have been made. 19659005] Utah County Sheriff Sgt. Spencer Cannon added that the case is now considered a double homicide investigation.

"There's nothing on it h indeutet that they voluntarily (the mine) perish "

Powell and Otteson were officially missing on January 2 after their embarkation on a trip from Tooele to Eureka earlier. They were last seen by family members on December 30 near Mammoth, Juab County. The couple planned to stay in Spanish Fork before returning to Eureka, where both lived with Powell's grandfather. On Tuesday evening, law enforcement officials got a tip that led them to the Tintic Standard Mine near the ghost town of Dividend. Details of where this tip came from were not announced on Wednesday.

Heather Tuttle

Eureka Search

Family members in the Tooele and Juab districts often searched for the missing couple, including one on the weekend. On Wednesday morning, Hunt said they had received a call to "drop everything" and go to the mine.

Although the bodies had not been clearly identified on Wednesday, she said the family was "feeling safe," that they were.

"It has gone from searching for Breezy and Riley to Breezy and Riley, if they are, we are here," she said.

Hunt said that the Tintic mine was on the list of abandoned family mines planned to search, but still worked logistics before sinking. Family members highly praised law enforcement officials for finding the bodies in just 90 days, and acknowledged that others – especially the missing West Valley mother Susan Powell's family – did not yet know the whereabouts of their relatives. Powell was missing in 2009. She has no relationship with Riley Powell. On January 11, Riley Powell's missing jeep was found partially hidden in trees, about a mile south of Cherry Creek Reservoir. Based on the condition that the Jeep, who had two flat tires, told investigators at the time that foul play was suspected.

On January 15, Tooele County sheriff's deputies and deputies from the Sanpete / Juab Major Crimes Task Force went to the property where Powell's mother lives with her boyfriend in Lofgreen, Tooele County. Riley Powell's grandmother and grandmother's friend also live there.

The affidavits to the search warrant indicate that a blue Chevy truck belonging to the friend of Powell's mother was searched. A witness had reported seeing a similar-looking vehicle that would tow Powell's Jeep, according to the arrest warrant.

Corpses were also used to search the Lofgreen property and showed "great interest in the (the friend) truck that carried Riley's Jeep, according to the warrant.

The affidavits have the friend of Powell's mother as A witness told police investigators that the man "behaves strangely since law enforcement confiscated his vehicle," warrants a warrant.

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Wednesday night however, the search for Breezy and Riley On the Facebook page hosted by Hunt, a message was released that Powell's mother and her boyfriend are not persons identified by the police.

"Two people are of interest in this case , Although we do not know who these people are, we know that it is NOT (them), "the Post said.

Cannon said Wednesday he could not please those who are of interest in this case comment and find that the investigators still have to conduct interviews.

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