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Boeing 737 Max 8 declared an emergency landing in Florida

There were no passengers aboard the Southwest Airlines 8701, which was brought from Orlando International Airport to Victorville, California, for short-term storage. Shortly before 3:00 pm, the two pilots boarded the flight "A performance problem with one of the engines shortly after launch," the airline said.

It is not clear if the emergency landing is related to the recent problems of the aircraft. A crash investigation focuses on an automated anti-stall system rather than engine problems.

  A Southwest Airlines flight landed in an emergency landing at Orlando International Airport on Tuesday.

The aircraft returned and landed safely in Orlando, according to the FAA, which investigated this. It made an emergency landing on Runway 18 Left, which the airport is just reopening.

The shutdown of the runway did not affect the other traffic, said an airport spokeswoman.

Southwest said the aircraft will be relocated to its Orlando maintenance workshop for inspection.

  American Airlines canceled 90 flights a day because of 737 max.

The Trump Administration said the fleet had been flown against the background of the information collected. Location of the crash of an Ethiopian Airlines flight on 10 March. By March 13, government officials had stated that the aircraft were safe despite concerns about a Lion Air flight crash in October.

The causes of the crashes are not yet clear. The focus, however, was on an automatic safety feature – not on engine problems – that could have pushed down the nose of any aircraft if it mistakenly thought the aircraft could fall into a stable.

Boeing and the FAA said they are working on upgrading the software of the aircraft to work with this security feature

. Southwest has 34 737 max jets. Its pilots were among those of three US carriers that have tested recent software changes.

Chis Isidore and Greg Wallace of CNN contributed to this story.

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