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Boeing earnings q4 2018: record shipments, annual sales

Dow Component Boeing's stock rose Wednesday after the company announced annual results that increased Wall Street's expectations with record revenues and aircraft shipments.

00 billion mark for the first time. Boeing also delivered a strong forecast for 2019. Boeing expects a profit of $ 19.90 to $ 20.10 per share next year. Wall Street expected earnings for the full year 2019 of $ 18.31 per share.

Operating income increased 40 percent year-over-year in the fourth quarter as margins expanded. The company made a profit of $ 4.2 billion, compared to nearly $ 3 billion a year ago.

Boeing shares rose 6.1 percent, opening trading at $ 387.40 per share.

US-China trade tensions have shaken Boeing's shares recently, even though the company's shares largely caught up in November and December after several major contract gains in January.

Chairman and CEO Dennis Muilenburg said the strong results of 2018 have been invested in "key strategic areas" over the past five years, driven by Boeing's drive to merge the company with $ 35. Muilenburg said the "One Boeing" initiative has made it a more coherent organization, giving the company "confidence in continued strong performance, increased sales, and solid execution across all three companies."

The Boeing aircraft business recently delivered a record 806 aircraft just ahead of the 810 that Boeing had forecast in the third quarter. The company expects to break this record in 2019, saying that shipments will reach 895-905 next year.

"This is double-digit growth," said Jefferies analyst Sheila Kahyaoglu on CNBC's "Squawk Box." "About 100 basis points for improvements in each segment, and these are big businesses, so tons of productivity are being enforced."

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