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Bonner's Google Home Hub offer lowers the price by almost 50 percent

Google made quite a splash with its first in-house "smart display" that undercut Amazon's popular Echo Show for $ 149, with essentially the same functionality (with the exception of a privacy webcam) ) Reasons). Incredibly, the Home Hub has been quickly reduced to as little as $ 99, either alone or in various combinations with other smart home devices.

The deals also came after Black Friday and Christmas, with the recent one making a sweeping shave triggering a $ 99 discount on the combined list price of a Google Home Hub and Chromecast Ultra. Believe it or not, a new solo offering could even surpass your previous mass-market killer bargain, so you can buy this amazing Google Assistant-assisted product with a screen at a new, ubiquitous $ 79.95 price tag can.

Compared to the usual price of a Google Home Hub, this is a significant discount of around 46 percent. However, the Mountain View-based manufacturer currently charges $ 1

29 on its official website for a $ 20 discount. Of course, MassGenie can increase your savings up to $ 69, and you only need a free account on the self-described "Social Shopping." Marketplace website to claim this incredible power deal.

  Bonkers Google Home Hub Deal Lowering Price by Nearly 50 Percent

You also need to be in the right place at the right time because this unparalleled discount is predictably valid for a very limited time. Just a few hours more at the time of this writing. Until just after 8pm on the East Coast, to be exact. If the supplies did not run out earlier, this could happen.

The Google Home Hub, even with a purchase price of $ 149, is a real knack for $ 69 less as it plays your favorite music from various streaming services. and YouTube videos on a 7-inch display without the user ever having to lift a finger. Of course, there's a lot more you can do with Google Assistant, including smart home controls, setting alerts, reminders and personalized routines, and answers to your questions from across the web with your voice.

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