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Booing fans prompt WWE fighter Ronda Rousey to stumble on words

Ronda Rousey received an unusually rude reception (19459012) on Raw Monday night, which brought Boos from the moment she left the house. In fact, at one point it got so bad that Rousey tripped over her words.

When he talked about Sasha Banks defeated Rousey at the Royal Rumble on Sunday night the words turned into gibberish, whereupon Rousey smiled and said, "All right, all right. You made me stutter. Good job.


10 highest paid WWE stars in 2018

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10. Kevin Owens – $ 2 million (£ 1.43 million). This is the first appearance of Kevin Owens on the Forbes list of top WWE stars, but the 33-year-old's involvement in the ring and his reign as Universal Champion helped him top 10 in 2018.

Source: Forbes

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9. Dean Ambrose – $ 2.2 million (£ 1.57 million). Dean Ambrose is one of the most charismatic wrestlers. He's also one of the busiest WWE athletes and was the second-strongest wrestler last year.

Source: Forbes.

(Photo credits should be PHILIPPE HUGUEN / AFP / Getty Images)

8. The Undertaker – 2.5 Million Dollars (1.79 Million Pounds Sterling). The Undertaker has been around for almost three decades and is popular for its eerie ring entrances. He's a big hit with WWE fans, meaning he does not have to struggle to get into the top 10, as he's still earning a nice penny with his merchandise sales.

Source: Forbes

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7. Seth Rollins – $ 2.7 million (£ 1.93 million). Seth Rollins is a key player in major WWE events and has managed to overcome knee injuries in order to return to the big games last year. Forbes says Rollins' popularity with fans means he gets a good salary from the sale of goods.

Source: Forbes.

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6. Randy Orton – $ 2.9 million (£ 2.07 million). Sports entertainment is clearly in the family blood as Randy Orton is a third-generation wrestler. Nine-time WWE Champion Orton has one of the most iconic in-ring poses and made 11 pay-per-view appearances in 2017.

Source: Forbes.

(Photo by Andrew Toth / FilmMagic) [19659029] 5. Triple H – $ 3.2 million (£ 2.29 million). Triple H is now struggling less than in previous years, but the 48-year-old, who has been Executive Vice President since 2013, receives a basic wrestling salary and $ 1.7 million in board salary, including bonuses and stock prices. [19659015] Source: Forbes.

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4. AJ Styles – $ 3.5 million (£ 2.5 million). AJ Styles has been featured on many professional wrestling brands including Ring of Honor, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling. He joined WWE in 2016, has worked more WWE Dates than any other wrestler in 2017, and is the current WWE champion in his second reign.

Source: Forbes.

(Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo / GC Images) [19659035] 3. Roman Reigns – $ 4.3 million (£ 3.08 million). Roman Reigns is one of the biggest names in WWE and that alone means he polarizes fans. Some abhor him, others love him and others love him. Regardless, he has labeled four consecutive WrestleMania events as headlines – an impressive achievement

. Source: Forbes.

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2. Brock Lesnar – $ 6.5 million (£ 4.65 million). After staying in UFC, where he became world heavyweight champion, Brock Lesnar returned to WWE in 2012. Lesnar is a five-time WWE World Champion and has featured some of WWE's biggest events, including the most recent – WrestleMania 34. 19659015] Source: Forbes

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1. John Cena – $ 10 million (£ 7.15 million). Cena, a 16-time World Champion with WWE, has followed The Rock to Hollywood. He still stars in WWE's Raw and SmackDown brands, but has been featured in such films as The Marine, Trainwreck, and Ferdinand.

Source: Forbes.

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It is clear that Rousey is no longer the darling of WWE This honor now goes to the former SmackDown . 19659004] champ and Royal Rumble winner Becky Lynch . And while Rousey enjoyed loving fans who sang their name, times have naturally changed. The majority of viewers kept breaking out in songs by "Becky" while Rousey spoke.

Rousey and Lynch had to postpone a game after Lynch had a real nasal fracture last November ] Nia Jax actually landed. On Monday night, Lynch gave the rough crowd exactly what they wanted as she joined Rousey in the ring. "At WrestleMania, I'll break your mystique," Lynch told Rousey. "I'll take your title and I'll kick you all over the world."

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