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Booker Outlines plans to effectively eliminate the detention of immigrants by order of the executive

Cory Booker presented a comprehensive plan on Tuesday "on the first day of his presidency" to "virtually eliminate immigration detention" and expand protection for illegal immigrants by ordering the executive to bypass the Congress altogether.

Aggressive Proposal Comes As polls have consistently shown, Booker has left behind many other Democrats in the White House race, including Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Although some of its rivals have already announced similar proposals and even advocated the complete decriminalization of the border crossing, Booker's plan focused solely on the detention facilities for immigrants who have attracted national attention in recent weeks.

"When children are removed from their detention centers, parents and caged, I will not wait for Congress to resolve this crisis," Booker said in a statement announcing the plan. "On the first day of my presidency, I will take immediate steps to end this government's moral vandalism." And although there are limits to what we can do to reverse the damage already inflicted on the thousands and thousands To make communities in our country, we can put an end to the horror and make the site a new chapter in our history, "added Booker. Our country must have an immigration system that reflects our values, not a system that loses dignity to people fleeing danger, threats and violence. "


In a written summary of his proposal, it was said that Booker" closed down inhuman institutions and needed all facilities to meet high standards "and "to terminate the contract with private prisons and prisons in the county or in the region".

  Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar filed for homeland detention at the Homestead detention center in Florida last week. (Daniel A. Varela / Miami Herald on AP, file)

Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar filed for admission to the Homestead detention center in Florida last week. (Daniel A. Varela / Miami Herald on AP, file)

This proposal alerted some conservatives. Dan Cadman, a former ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) official and member of the Center for Immigration Studies think tank, told Fox News that Democrats "want to make it impossible for the government to detain anyone anywhere and anytime in facilities."

Private detention centers are often cheaper and more efficient than those run by the government.

"The agencies of the US government are staffed by civil servants and employees with good salaries, compulsory overtime hours, excellent health care benefits, and a long life annuity," Cadman wrote on Monday. "None of this is cheap in any way. While no one wants guards in private institutions that are underpaid and overworked, the fact is that using the private sector for this work is not only a more cost effective use of taxpayers' money, it is also a relief Officers and auxiliary personnel who would otherwise be in such a facility to carry out other but equally business-critical work. "


Booker also said he would "create a presumption of freedom for immigrants by reforming the loan process before the Immigration Court." Last April, Attorney General Bill Barr issued an order instructing immigration judges to refuse bail to asylum seekers who had been arrested after their illegal entry into the United States, even though they displayed credible fear of persecution in their homeland.

Separately, Booker's proposal would also "restore and expand protection for as many dreamer as possible, their families, persons with temporary protection status, and persons with deferred exit status."

In this regard, Booker's plan largely corresponded to Biden and Harris' proposals in June. President Trump has sought to end legal protection for so-called dreamers, illegal immigrants who were brought into the country as children, who were granted legal protection under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Both Harris and Biden have done this, suggesting Dreamers facilitate naturalization and obtaining green cards.

An estimated 350,000 people – mainly from Central America, Africa and the Middle East – have been granted temporary protection status (TPS) to live in the US because of violence and natural disasters in their home countries. The Trump administration has attempted to revoke some of these TPS designations, although legal challenges that stalled some of the changes were still ongoing.

Also on Booker's Wish: Expanding Access to "Legal Assistance to All Immigrants, Beginning with Immigrant Children" "Pushing for" prioritizing prosecution for abusive US entry unless a person poses a risk for public safety "and" to stop the terrorization of immigrants in their homes and communities by reforming ICE and CBP practices and increasing accountability. "

Booker said he wanted to face the hostility of the Trump administration Stop protecting cities that refused to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, increase opportunities for asylum seekers, raise the refugee line to at least 110,000, and "resume and expand the program for Central American minors" to "enable more children and their families, to apply for asylum in their home countries "." Pub lic Charge Rule ", which denies more immigrants the opportunity to depend on state benefits.

Cadman told Fox News they were worried about internal security in the shuffle.

"The truth is that detention is illegal. Frontier workers are a necessity for deterrence – and crucial to severing the umbilical cord between smuggling and the massive illegal entry of hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied minors and family units," Cadman said. "Until then, power will continue unabated, billions of dollars will go into the hands of criminal cartels, and many more aliens will fall victim to these cartels or physically succumb to the harsh conditions their journey north will bring." 19659003] Cadman added: "In their eagerness to turn the border into a sponge and at the same time make it impossible for the internal police officers to find adequate space to house deportable extraterrestrial criminals and unwanted persons, make Democrats less safe, our communities and our homeland, and it is almost certain that international terrorist groups and hostile foreign intelligence agencies are paying close attention to the opportunities arising from this catastrophic course. "

The topic has become a major issue for Democrats. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DN.Y., argued explosively that women were forced to drink "from toilets" in a southern border facility on Monday, just hours after traveling to such a place.

  Detained immigrant children in the cafeteria of the Karnes County Residential Center, a migrant-detention center in Karnes City, Texas. (AP Photo / Eric Gay, File)

Detained migrant children in the cafeteria of the Karnes County Residential Center, a migrant detention center, in Karnes City, Texas. (AP Photo / Eric Gay, file)

The New York Democrats said that people of all ages were mistreated and "drank out of the toilets" when the guards laughed at the plight of the migrants right in front of them.

She also said that she had "been forced to" one of the cells to get a better picture and talk to a woman who claimed the guards were "psychological warring" against her by interrupting her sleep and they called "wh-s."

Border police chief Brian Hastings told Fox News "The Story," providing people in custody with fresh drinking water.

Highlighting the hot button issue could help Booker continue his fundraiser. Despite the slow start to the polls, Booker's campaign on Monday claimed to have raised US $ 1 million last week and said that since the primary debate last Wednesday, 20,000 new donors have been added exceptions, including Biden and Beto O & # 39 ; Rourke.

So far, the Booker campaign has claimed to have 110,000 individual donors, reaching the 130,000 required for the third and fourth rounds of debates.


The New Jersey Senator has received some attention over the last few days by bashing Biden's speech and said the former vice president has " Pain "and" frustration "caused.

And, using Expletiv last week, Booker tweeted that Kamala Harris had nothing to prove to those who doubted their heritage.

Martha MacCallum, Paul Steinhauser and Nick Givas of Fox News contributed to this result.

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