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Boram, a 6-year-old South Korean YouTuber, buys $ 8 million worth of property in Seoul's Gangnam

Boram purchased the 9.5 billion Korean won ($ 8 million) buildings in Gangnam's trendy Seoul suburb earlier this year through Boram Family, a company founded by YouTube creators.
Boram has two popular YouTube accounts on which it publishes content: a toy rating channel with 13.6 million subscribers and a video blog account with 17.6 million subscribers.
In one of her most popular clips, which has been viewed more than 376 million times, Boram makes instant noodles in a plastic toy kitchen and then sips them in front of the camera.

However, part of Boram's content has led to controversy in South Korea over the values ​​he represents.

In 201

7, the non-governmental organization Save the Children received complaints from citizens in South Korea who were worried that Borams clips could adversely affect the emotions and ethical development of young viewers.

They were particularly worried about staged clips in which Boram stole money from her father's wallet and apparently drove cars in the street, according to Koh Woohhyun, the organization's departmental attorney, CNN.

Save the Children reported her videos to the police. The Seoul Family Court ordered that Borams parents take a counseling course to prevent child abuse.

The offending clips have since been removed, Koh said.

CNN has asked Borams representative and YouTube for comment, but has not heard of it at the time of release.

The big business with the glory of children

On YouTube, child stars can be big business.

According to Forbes, seven-year-old Ryan Kaji, the American star of Ryan ToysReview, was the highest-earning creator of the year. In 2018, he earned over his channel an estimated $ 22 million, which has attracted over 20.8 million subscribers.
Other young stars include five-year-old American Tydus, who is on the YouTube channel Trav and Cor his family number 3.1 to see millions of subscribers.

YouTubers can make money in a variety of ways, including: For example, by cutting out the ads on their videos and working with brands to sell goods or add products to their content. For example, Boram sometimes links to products featured in their video reviews.

In the past, some people expressed concerns about how YouTube handles videos with children.

In February, YouTube decided to disable comments on minors' videos after the platform was accused of helping pedophiles find children's clips

At that time, a YouTube spokesperson told CNN Business that the Company has reviewed and removed thousands of inappropriate comments, completed over 400 channels, and removed dozens of videos, including minors that included this story.

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