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Borderlands Studio Exec goes for "Dream Job" at Nintendo

[ Update: Vignocchi announced on Twitter that he is now working on Nintendo. According to his LinkedIn page, Vignocchi works on Nintendo's relationships with third-party developers and developers.]

Gearbox Publishing boss John Vignocchi sets off with the release of Borderlands 3 in September. The veteran of the gaming industry announced on Twitter that he has left Gearbox for his "dream job" elsewhere.

"Leaving the company was one of the toughest decisions I had to make and I would not have done it if it had not been for that" I'm not there for everyone's love and support, "Vignocchi said on Twitter. "You have understood and encouraged me to take on this role as it is truly a one-time appearance." One year, expressly praising Gearbox founder Randy Pitchford and the publisher's director, Steve Gibson, both said "How to Express the Passion and Excellency of All the Amazing [developers] Works There."

Vignocchi did not say where he was going to Gearbox, but he noted that he's taking a "little road trip" on it suggesting that the new job will not be located near Gearbox in Frisco, Texas.

Vignocchi joined Gearbox in October 2018 after after a long time at Disney where he owned Disney Infinity and other products and P supervised. Before leaving, he spent less than a year at Gearbox. Pitchford said goodbye to Vignocchi in a post on Twitter wishing Vignocchi a good job.

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Gearbox's next game is Borderlands 3, due for release on PlayStation 4 in September. Xbox One and PC. The company has not always been making headlines on Borderlands 3, but behind-the-scenes controversy involving Pitchford and former employees.

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