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Boris Johnson warns Trump US must compromise to reach a British trade agreement

  Boris Johnson

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The US needs to lift restrictions on British companies if they want a trade agreement with Britain, Boris Johnson said.

Traveling to the G7 summit in Biarritz, France, the PM said that "there are significant barriers to UK business in the US".

Mr. Johnson said he has already spoken with President Donald Trump about his concerns and will do so again when they meet on Sunday morning.

The Prime Minister will also hold talks with EU Council President Donald Tusk.

"There are tremendous opportunities for UK companies to open and praise the American market," said Johnson.

"We intend to take advantage of these opportunities, but our American friends must compromise and open up their approach as there are currently too many restrictions."

As an example of a limitation, Mr. Johnson stated, "Melton Mowbray Pork Pies who are sold in Thailand and Iceland, currently can not enter the US market because the administration of food and medicines, as I do not know, is limited. "

He continued," British peppers can not stay up at all enter the US market.

"The shipping of wine is severely restricted. If you want to export wine made in England to the US, you must contact a US retailer.

"British microbreweries are subject to a tax that does not apply to US microbreweries in the UK."



Donald and Melania Trump arrived at the G7 on Saturday Summit to France

Last month, President Trump said talks on a "very substantive" trade agreement with Britain are already underway.

He said a post-Brexit bilateral deal could lead to a "three- to four-to-five" rise Nancy Pelosi, spokeswoman for the US House of Representatives, said that a British-American trade agreement would not come through Congress If the Brexit would undermine the Good Friday Agreement.

Ms. Pelosi said the UK's exit from the EU could not jeopardize the 1

998 Irish peace agreement, which was supported by the US.

  • What is the Good Friday Agreement?

What is a trade agreement?

In trade, two or more countries agree on a set of conditions under which they buy and sell goods and services from one another.

Trade should increase trade by eliminating or reducing trade barriers. These barriers could include import or export taxes (duties), quotas or divergent safety or labeling requirements.

Mr. Johnson also discussed the possibility of a tax on internet giants after the French government had decided to authorize a digital tax service tax despite threats of retaliation by the US.

"Honestly, we need to do something to fairly and properly tax the online companies that make such tremendous revenue in our country," he told reporters. "We need to do something to make sure we tax them properly.

" I'm open to discussing how we do that, and I'm ready to listen to our American friends about the modalities, but we have to do something to tax her fairly.

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Media Title Donald Tusk: I hope Boris Johnson does not want to go down in history as Mr No Deal about who would be responsible for a Brexit deal.

Mr. Tusk said Mr. Johnson risked being remembered as "Mr. No Deal" – but the Prime Minister replied that it was Mr. Tusk who would become "Mr. No Deal Brexit."

Mr. Johnson has repeatedly stated that he would prefer to leave the EU with an agreement on 31 October, insists, however, that the setback – the hard-border insurance on the island of Ireland – should be removed from the readmission agreement.

I have made it absolutely clear that I do not want a deal, and we have. I have to get rid of the downside of the contract, and if Mr. Tusk does not want to cede as Mr. No-Deal Brexit, I hope that this pu is also taken into account, "said Mr. Johnson.

Mr Tusk said that the EU would listen to all UK proposals on Brexit – as long as they were "operational, realistic and acceptable to all EU Member States".

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