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Boris Johnson's letter to the EU states that a Brexit deal is still possible

Boris Johnson gets into his car after leaving the estate on Great College Street, which he and his campaign team used on July 23, 2019, in Westminster, London, England.

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Britain. Prime Minister Boris Johnson told the EU that a Brexit deal could still be approved by the UK legislator if Brussels agreed to abolish the most controversial part of the readmission agreement relating to the future of the Irish border with Northern Ireland.

In a letter Before the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, Johnson said late Monday that the so-called Irish "backstop" ̵

1; the most controversial part of the existing Brexit agreement to maintain a seamless border on the island of Ireland – was "inadmissible "and Must Be Dismissed

If the Backstop Plan were removed from the Brexit Agreement, Johnson indicated that the agreement could be approved by the majority of the British Parliament before 31 October so that the United Kingdom could block the deal leaves.

Parliament has already rejected the current agreement, which former Prime Minister Theresa May had negotiated with the EU, three times.

"The time is very short, but the UK is ready to make headway, and given the degree of commonality, I hope the EU is ready to do that, and I am equally confident that our Parliament will be able to move on quickly act when "We were able to reach a satisfactory agreement, which is not a" backstop & # 39; Johnson said to Tusk on Monday

Johnson's letter appears in the midst of a barrage of Brexit-related activities this week, with the PM traveling to the continent this week to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday in Berlin and the French President Emmanuel Macron to meet on Thursday

What is the backstop?

The "backstop" is considered as a way of keeping the permeable border between Ireland and Northern Ireland (which is part of the UK) is opened in case that the UK and the EU can not reach an agreement after a transitional period of 21 months, which is foreseen as part of an agreement

It is controversial with legislators advocating Brexit, as this would mean that the United Kingdom essentially remains indefinitely in a single customs territory (such as the existing Zol lunion) with the EU. Northern Ireland would also be subject to some of the EU's single market rules.

Brexitians fear that the counter-strike after Brexit would prevent British trade agreements with other nations. Meanwhile, the EU and Ireland in particular say that backstopping is essential for maintaining the free movement of goods, services and people and for the peace agreement.

After Brexit, however, they also want to ensure that goods are coming in. The EU from the UK (Northern Ireland's border with Ireland will be the only land border after Brexit) does not undermine EU standards or customs regulations. The backstop was "anti-democratic and disagreed with the sovereignty of the United Kingdom as a State "as it may include the United Kingdom indefinitely in an international treaty that binds us into a customs union and applies large areas of Single Market legislation in Northern Ireland.

He also said that it was in conflict with Britain's "desired end goal for a sustainable long-term relationship with the EU."

Johnson told Tusk that other "flexible and creative" solutions were needed for future regulatory and policy Britain has already promoted the use of technology to avoid physical border controls.

Since his election to run the ruling Conservative Party, Johnson has been preparing for a "no-deal" Withdrawals from the EU intensified that Britain would leave the block on October 31, "whatever", despite widespread concerns over the disruptions that a sudden departure could cause.

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