As the story goes, Bow Wow and a woman named Leslie Holden happened to be charged with the same charges of attack and battery when the cops could not tell who was doing what in their quarrel. The "connoisseurs" were probably able to refer to the similarity between the names "Leslie Holden" and Kiyomi Leslie, who just happens to be Bow Wow, a friend. Yes, they are the same person as Bow Wow's agents have confirmed.

His representatives talked to Shadow Room to confirm Bow Wow's delivery, but also to set the record: They want us to believe that Kiyomi is the main attacker in their violent altercation. Without much insight into the matter, the social media Bow Wow came to the defense on the basis of a rough "double standard" for domestic violence. A statement written by his legal team is also making the rounds ̵

1; which states that Leslie hit him with a lamp, bit him and spat, while trying in vain to maintain order.

He was correctly recognized by the press. Kiyomi was granted the same loan as her ex, as confirmed by the Fulton County Magistrate. "Both were able to go to a judge in Fulton County Magistrate, who gave the defendants $ 8,000 signatures," the local jurors said. If you're curious, TMZ has received mug shots for both Kiyomi and Bow Wow (here). – Note that former rapper So So Def has several notches on his forehead, which is certainly not the least we hear from Kiyomi Leslie or "Leslie Holden" as the bailiffs register them.