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Bowles: Sam Darnold loses something by not reporting

Sam Darnold's contract situation has officially led to the rookie not taking part in training on Friday with the New York Jets. Coach Todd Bowles clearly wants his top design in the building, but dismissed the quarterback's absence.

"Every time you're not here, you lose something," Bowles said. "It was a day when he came in, we'll catch him, but right now I have 79 other people to worry about."

With the rookie wage scale, the contract disputes for the players of the first year have practically dissolved. The few areas where agents haggle are cash flows and offsets. Many teams ̵

1; including jets – insist on offsets in rookie deals that prevent a player from becoming "double dip" if cut off before the contract ends.

Bowles was not yet frustrated that Darnold was not signed and found that the contract sometimes denies part of the football business.

"I played, I trained, I scouted, it's business," said Bowles. "It's just another day in the office, there's no hostility there, it's just the business part, when he comes in, we'll update him and get him ready to go."

For Darnold, every exercise misses the chance that the # 3 overall pick will win the starting giant over Josh McCown and Teddy Bridgewater.

"Right now we're only training the 79 other guys," Bowles echoed. "I'm not frustrated, I'm a coach, people are getting hurt, people are going down, people are being suspended and it's coming to contract situations, it has nothing to do with the team, I'm worried about the team." [19659008] "We have two other quarterbacks, they can play as well. So if he were hurt on the first day, we would all have to play the others, so we'll treat it the same way and keep going. "

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