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Boy, 3, shot north of St. Louis County | law and order

ST. LOUIS COUNTY – A 3-year-old boy was shot dead Thursday in the Laurel Park apartments north of Jennings, police said.

The police were informed of a shootout at 11:35 am in the apartment complex in 9500 Block of Jacobi Avenue.

The boy identified as Rodney March III was at home with his mother and father, the police said. Investigators believe Rodney found a gun in a bedroom in his family's home and shot himself.

His mother took Rodney to the hospital, police said, but then saw a St. Louis County police car in front of a Family Dollar store in the 9800 block of Halls Ferry Road.

She waved to the policemen who stopped to help. One of the officers started with first aid and put the boy in a police car. When a policeman drove to the hospital with the sirens and lights on, the other one continued his first aid.

Rescue workers planned to send Rodney to another hospital, but he died before they could.

The police claimed to investigate the shooting incident an accident.

A few neighbors came out of the apartments to watch the police at work.

Deangelio Tillman lives in the building next door. His 6-year-old plays with children who live there. Tillman was at home at the time of the shooting, but heard nothing. He was not surprised, however, to hear about it. "Well, that's St. Louis," Tillman said.

This is the second deadly shootout in the Laurel Park Apartments this year.

He was shot in the head just before 6 am in the 7300 block of Vermont, found avenue in the Carondelet district of South St. Louis.

The police confirmed that a 1

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Mayor Lyda Krewson called on the Tipperers to call CrimeStoppers at 1-866-371-8477. The usual reward for helpful tips is up to $ 5,000.

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Murder detectives and the Child Abuse Department investigate the death of a child as a suspected death.

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Two teenagers and one adult were shot at around 7:30 pm. in the 1500 block of the fourth street in Madison. One of the teenagers died of his wounds.

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Elijah Roby, 2, died in a car accident. His mother, Ebony Roby, 25, was charged with risking the first degree child in connection with the case.

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