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Boy at Chick-fil-A crawls under bathroom stall to ask strangers for help to wash hands

Four-year-old Levi Stevens has become a kind of internet sensation after his antics became viral at a Virginia Chick-fil-A earlier in the week.

Levi and his mother, Melissa Roach-Stevens, prepared to enjoy dinner at a Chick-fil-A in Lynchburg on Monday night, and Roach-Stevens had just led Levi into the bathroom to wash her hands. But instead of escorting his mother into the ladies' room – which Roach-Stevens planned to do – Levi walked into the men's room, where he soon realized he needed help reaching the sink.


Instead of leaving the bathroom and finding his mother, little Levi, Chick-fil-A collaborator Andrew Hall, decided to seek help, though Hall at that time in a locked bathroom.

I only see his little head bursting under the stable, and I thought this kid did not come here, did he? "Hall said, adding to WSET that he decided to remove his phone and start recording if anything happened."

In shots taken by Hall, you can see Levi peeking from under the stable to Hall's name to ask before he invites himself. There, in the hall with Hall, Levi reveals his true motivation.

"I want to hold someone and help me wash my hands," says Levi Hall 008] Hall, who somehow keeps his composure despite the circumstances, tells Levi that his "mother is outside."

After a bit of talk, Levi turns to the stable door and unhooks the lock. But before he leaves, Levi Hall says he should lock the door once he's gone.

"You just have to finish it," says Levi.

CHICK-FIL – A WORKER SAVES THE CUSTOMER'S FORGOTTEN CHANGE FOR WEEKS [19659008] Hall released his photos to Snapchat and later to Twitter, where his post produced more than 10 million views, over 658,000 likes and thousands of comments which came from one of Levi's fathers.

"Hey, Drew. That's my boy," wrote Len Stevens. He is very, very friendly, sometimes a little bit too much, you have handled it very well, thank you for being nice to him, I really appreciate your understanding and your sense of humor ! "

" No no, Mr. Stevens " replied Hall. "I'm sure I did the same thing then, you have a good kid [,] he seems fearless and [definitely] outgoing."

Levi's mother also wrote on Facebook that she first learned of her son's antics after a friend saw the video online.

"This morning I get a phone call from a friend and ask if I have" seen the viral video of a kid who looks like Levi in ​​the bathroom [Chick-fil-A]! "Roach-Stevens recalled in a post, she shared on Tuesday, adding her first thought was, "Omg – what could that be ??"


For the record, Roach said -Stevens that Levi finally washed his hands after his detour to the men's bath – but in the ladies room, where he probably should refrain from crawling under any stalls.

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