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Boys, Bye: The next phase of network reconstruction begins

The nets came in more rounds with the 76ers in their first round than they had won. After a loss of 122-100 in Game 5, the nets go home with a series of fines, technical fouls and memes in their resume. But hey, they stole Game 1 and scared the Sixers. Not bad for a team that only won 20 games two seasons ago and was enjoying themselves after trading with the Celtics. Their participation in the finals since 2010 and not selecting a single lottery is a success for their management, scouting and player development. It may be a cliché to praise the Brooklyn system at this point, but it has delivered results and given the franchise a future to look forward to.

Here are three questions that the nets of this offseason are dealing with:

Should they re-sign D'Angelo Russell?

Russell had a revival season. After being outlawed in Los Angeles during the first two seasons of his career, the Los Angeles point-keeper teamed up across the board to become All-Star (due to substitute injury) and helped lead the Nets in his second outing to the playoffs in Brooklyn , It was also a contract year. But every motivation is a good motivation and for Russell, who is supposed to be a limited free agent this summer, his redemption time came at the perfect time.

From Brooklyn's point of view, the problem is that this kind of season may have raised Russell's price a considerable amount – but that's not a bad problem, especially for the nets. Russell could have a lot of money this summer – maybe close to maximum money – and it does not matter if most of us believe he deserves it or not. The nets may want to keep it, and because of its limited status, there must be a team that at least forces the hand of the nets. How ironic would it be if the proposal's strategy, which the networks had used in recent years to force teams into poor contracts, was now used against them by Russell?

But at a maximum price, it's harder to keep Russell. He was superb for most of this season (despite shooting 3 of 16 in Game 5) and is the youngest of the Nets' three-headed offense, alongside Spencer Dinwiddie and Caris LeVert, but his pick, his defense and his ability to go the wheel – and Zugfouls is still missing. In the end, the decision of the nets could lead to what else they could do if they did not sign Russell again, although the most likely option is simply to pay their young star. [19659007] Can you sign a well-known free agent?

In addition. The networks will be able to release more than $ 50 million in storage capacity this summer, which is almost sufficient for two max slots. The problem? They have competition, and the free agents who would demand these slots are constantly connected to other franchises. Kawhi Leonard? Clippers or birds of prey. Kevin Durant? Knicks Could the networks finally "find their way" for Jimmy Butler? And if Kemba Walker wants to have a new home, would you rather pay a maximum to a 23-year-old Russell or a soon-to-be-29-year-old Walker?

Of course everything depends on what kind of window the nets want to create for themselves. Making the playoffs this season has been an inspiring advance, but the next step in the process is much more important. Winning Butler could give them the notoriety they want when they are the stepbrothers of the Knicks who will fight for free agents themselves. However, this could interfere with the culture and style of the game that Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson are trying to get into the franchise. And this is Nets' selling point to potential free agents. Come here for the culture, for the potential growth, for a proven system of talented young players, and help us outperform the competition. The question is: will it work?

What are you doing with your roleplayers?

The nets also have some other important decisions to make regarding the roleplayers who have made up a large part of their rise this season. Renowned Ben Simmons instigator and future media star Jared Dudley is a full-fledged free agent this off-season. This also applies to DeMarre Carroll (who has cost $ 15.4 million this season – the team's second-highest salary behind the $ 18.5 million she'll pay Allen Crabbe for another year). Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, who has slowly but surely proven to be a nice option for small bullets, is a limited free agent. Of course, Brooklyn's main focus will be on the potential free agents and Russell, but the nets should be careful. If Brooklyn wants to keep one of the above three players, it could cost the team to wait until the Nets have found out the rest of their free agency. The decision-making of the networks will continue. Unlike the Sixers, they can not think of a win-now plan, but have to look two or three years into the future. LeVert, who is arguably the Nets' best player, will make a miserable $ 2.6 million next season and head for his own big payroll next summer. Joe Harris will also command a big boost once he reaches the free agency in 2020. If attention and respect are the blessings of a rebuilding, the curse must make difficult decisions and plan the time perfectly. Marks has a lot of them on his plate for the summer, but I'm sure he would not prefer it otherwise.

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