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Bradley Cooper reveals how fatherhood has changed him

Bradley Cooper is one of the biggest years of his professional career. His hit film A Star is Born with Lady Gaga was highly praised by the critics and was extremely successful among the audience. The relationship the two showed on stage was so authentic that some asked if the two superstars were actually a couple.

But Cooper and Gaga are just friends. The Hangover star has been in a relationship with supermodel Irina Shayk since 2015, and the couple welcomed a little girl in 2017. Cooper recently opened to Ellen DeGeneres as fatherhood changed him. Bradley Cooper has changed "in every way"


During a recent appearance at Ellen talk show host Cooper asked how paternity has changed him. The star that opened the Father has changed it "in every sense". He joked that he could connect with his inner child and said, "It allowed me to embrace my childlike self without fear of court." He added, "If he becomes a father, he can play with toys all day or" Keep watching cartoons and not thinking that I'm wasting my life. "

Seriously though, he also admitted that his appearance has changed in the world. He said to Ellen, "Innocence is nice to see." The two discussed how important it is to provide children in future generations with a world in which to grow up. In 2018, Cooper discussed paternity during a performance of Super Soul with Oprah Winfrey. The veteran talk show host noted that Cooper had said having a family was a miracle. Cooper agreed, saying, "It changed everything. Our daughter is incredible and I often see my dad in her. "

Cooper, who had lost his father in 2011, admitted he sometimes saw his father in his daughter and that there were times when he just looked at her. Say" Daddy? "Like his father's ghost actually lived in his daughter.

Bradley Cooper is already thinking about more children.

For anyone who has seen Cooper with his two-year-old daughter, Lea, it is obvious that the star is in love. Relatives say he may even be prepared to add a new little rugrat to the family. A source near Cooper said, "Bradley told people that he and Irina would soon have another baby. He constantly educates his daughter in conversations with people and often shows photos of her.

Whenever Cooper is asked if he is a father, he does not hesitate to say that this has completely changed his life and his worldview. While the star has not publicly discussed whether he could increase his family even further, it is hard to imagine that he has at least not thought about it. Cooper is known to be private with his family, so the star is unlikely to say anything about having more children, unless the couple actually expects that.

Bradley Cooper has a built-in paternity advantage.

Sure, we know Cooper from The Hangover A star is born and American Sniper but it's easy to forget that he's Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy says. The star recently told Ellen that he had brought his daughter to Disney and they rode Guardians of the Galaxy .

The voice of Rocket played during the ride. He shows and tells Lea that the dad speaks. Of course, the two-year-old looks at him in confusion.

Cooper joked with Ellen that he uses the Rocket voice to talk to his daughter all the time. We can only imagine the fun Little Leah will have when she realizes that her father has played a popular raccoon from outer space.

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