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Braves & # 39; Acuna moved after he had not finished the blast

ATLANTA – Brave star Ronald Acuna Jr. was struck off Sunday's win against the Dodgers after he stood at the blackboard admiring a long fly ball that did not leave the park.

Acuna, an all-star outfielder for the NL East Leader, was drafted before the fifth inning, after failing to clear the right-hand field in the third. The ball bounced off the wall for a long single. The 21-year-old Acuna would probably have had a slight double if he had been forced off his own record.

Manager Brian Snitker followed Acuna into the tunnel for an obvious conversation during the fourth innings before Adam Duvall came on the left in the fifth field while Rafael Ortega switched from left to center.

The replacement of Snitker was the crucial game of a series of three games between the teams with the best results in the National League. The Braves followed 3-1 when Acuna was drawn, but Ortegas Grand Slam's sixth inning brought Atlanta a 5-3 win.

Acuna just missed out on beating Cody Bellinger with a jump of three times Homer in midfield.

Acuna scores .296 with 35 homers and 85 RBIs, and he leads the NL with 29 stolen bases and 104 runs scored.

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