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“Atlético-MG will not pass Cazares on to Corinthians without compensation.”

In an interview with Itatiaia radio, the president of Atlético MG, Sérgio Sette Câmara, guaranteed that he would not be for midfielder Juan Cazares Corinthians without Timão giving the rooster “financial compensation”.

The reaction comes after the businessman André Cury, who represents the Ecuadorian, explain to Supported that all parties are “very close to the deal” and that negotiations could be concluded this Tuesday.

Sette Câmara, on the other hand, indicates that Atlético will play hard.

“We didn’t get a proposal. What I saw was there in the press. There is a situation with Cazares that he has a contract with us until December 31st and he’ll keep it until midnight on December 31st. The Proposal must come in the sense of some compensation for the club. To release the player without compensation for the club, no, ”he shouted.

“No, (President of Corinthians Andrés) Sanchez I have a good relationship with him, he did not call me. If he has contacted (Football Director Alexandre) Mattos, he has not called me yet. Usually almost immediately, If he has this Has kind of contact, he walks past me here. There is talk of the businessman, but that’s of course in football, speculation. If something comes up that is interesting for the club, we will study, “he added.

The agent also reminded that if no agreement is reached, Cazares will have to follow his separate training routine at Cidade do Galo by the end of the year.

“Of course they are thinking of taking his passport in early January and negotiating with a club to put some money in their pockets, but they have to wait until December 31st until midnight on December 31st because I’m a tough nut to crack and won’t release the player for free without Atlético having any compensation or discount on what we owe him. Something has to be done to compensate for that or he’ll get it here, on his schedule at CT, “condemned he.

At the moment, Cazares has an oral agreement with the Corinthians’ board of directors, but is pending Atlético’s release to move to Parque São Jorge.

This Tuesday there will be a meeting between the Athletics Committee and the Ecuadorian team to try to trim the edges.

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