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Unimed Fortaleza continues new operations due to the increase in patients with suspected Covid-19 | from coronavirus in Fortaleza, Ceará and the world

Unimed’s CAMPAIGN HOSPITAL was dismantled on June 30th. other services have been resumed (Photo: Aurelio Alves / O POVO) Due to an increase in patients seeking treatment with suspected symptoms of Covid-19, Unimed Fortaleza suspended elective surgery until next Sunday, 25th. The preventive measure was confirmed by the hospital and released by the president of the unit, Elias Leite, on …

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the dangers of weight loss without professional supervision

Photo: Playback / Pexels For those looking to set a new life goal and change the direction of their health in relation to the physical situation, there are two areas of greatest importance in the clinical field that are the key elements in this process: nutrition and physical education. When it comes to the body, it is important to emphasize …

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A resident of Águas Claras finds an insect hairdresser in an apartment

Posted on 10/21/2020 1:02 PM / updated 10/21/2020 1:02 PM A total of seven insect species have already been identified in the DF – (Photo credit: Matheus Oliveira / Saúde-DF) Doctor Eridan Stefanelli, 40, was scared last Thursday evening (October 21st) when he moved from the kitchen into the living room of her apartment in Águas Claras: an insect hairdresser …

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The study shows that Covid-19 patients die five times more often than flu patients

Home> Science> Cheers> The study shows that Covid-19 patients die five times more often than flu patients Photo credit: Theo Heimann (Getty Images) A new report from the U.S. Department of Health Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highlights the big difference between Covid-19 and seasonal flu. The report found that hospitalized patients were significantly more at risk of …

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Heartburn, pain, diarrhea: 20 physical signs that can indicate a mental disorder – 10/21/2020

A simple stomach upset can be caused by the roast lunch or even a symptom of something more serious, such as a mental disorder. Yes. Mental illness usually affects the organism holistically, and the body has various effects. He warns that he needs care, support, and even change. “The cause of mental illness is this multifactorial, related to genetic, biological …

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SUS could lose 35 billion in 2021, defend SUS

The constitution of 1946 guaranteed continuous investment from the federal budget for health and education. The 1988 Constitution established health and public education as rights for all Brazilians. To guarantee the right to health, the Unified Health System (SUS) was created. SUS is ours and is there for everyone and therefore it deserves an ongoing and progressive budget as new …

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