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For these 12 groups of employees, an FGTS of R $ 1,045 is posted to the digital account

So far a total of 12 lots from Service Guarantee Fund (FGTS), In emergency mode, they have already been released for the born January to December. The last deposit was made on Monday September 21st.

The amounts are paid directly into the digital savings raised by cashier. In the account, the worker can carry out several movements, such as Pay payslips and shop online, for example.

Those born in January, February, March, April and May can now withdraw for cash. Cash withdrawals will be released for those born in June on Saturday October 3rd.

The beneficiaries have the amount available in the Caixa social savings account. It can be used to pay for receipts or make purchases by virtual debit card and QR code.

THE Emergency withdrawal from FGTS was created to help workers during the new coronavirus pandemic and has a limit of R $ 1

,045This can be an active or inactive account. Take a look at the calendar where the funds will be available in a digital account and the payout and transfer calendar below.

Payment schedule

  • June 29th: born in January
  • July 6th: born in February
  • July 13th: born in March
  • July 20: born in April
  • July 27th: born in May
  • August 3: born in June
  • August 10: born in July
  • August 24th: born in August
  • August 31: born in September
  • September 8th: born in October
  • September 14th: born in November
  • September 21: born in December

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Withdrawal and transfer plan

  • July 25th: born in January
  • August 8: born in February
  • August 22nd: born in March
  • September 5th: born in April
  • September 19: born in May
  • October 3: born in June
  • October 17th: born in July
  • October 17th: born in August
  • October 31: born in September
  • October 31: born in October
  • November 14th: born in November
  • November 14th: born in December

FGTS emergency withdrawal of R $ 1,045

THE cashier published the payment schedule of R $ 1,045 from Service Guarantee Fund (FGTS). Deposits started on June 29th and remains valid until September 21, depending on the birth of the workers. However, whoever receives it will have to wait weeks or even months to withdraw the money.

The government announced in April that it would release an emergency train from the FGTS to assist workers during the crisis caused by the new coronavirus pandemic.

Employees with active (current employment) or inactive (previous employment) FGTS accounts are entitled to cash. The date when the value of digital savings declines depends on the employee’s birthday month.

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