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The GLOBO interviews Bolsonaro, who repeats: "I will start farming with …

The ping-fire interview focused on Bolsonaro's "ignorance" in business … "ask Paulo Guedes, my Ipiranga post" …

Onyx Lorenzoni – Dep. Fed. DEM-RS

Union of Centrão with Alckmin interrupts plans of Bolsonaro? Onyx Lorenzoni comments on the election scenario


Interview with Onyx Lorenzoni – DEM-RS Fed on the partition isolation of Jair Bolsonaro


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This Friday (20) led the journalists Aleksander Horta and João Batista Olivi of Notícias Agrícolas held a debate with Deputy Onyx Lorenzoni (DEM-RS) on the country's political situation and new draft elections in October. [19659010] Mr Lorenzoni, a member of a group of MEPs who supported Mr Jair Bolsonaro's candidacy for the presidency, said that this would not change after the Center's accession to the candidacy of Geraldo Alckmin

. "Symbolism of hope" for the country, so that this support was repeated by him.

Watch the full debate in the above video

FOLLOWING, THE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW OF THE GLOBE: [19659014] "I do not really understand the economy," says Jair Bolsonaro to GLOBO

In In an exclusive interview, the pre-candidate also comments on children's videos that make a weapon signal and says he does not understand what the feminist movement wants


In GLOBO's first interview with presidential nominees, Jair Bolsonaro, the On Sunday, the name of PSL is voted Planalto, conceding to ignore economic matters and says that the one who answers for him in this area is Paulo Guede's adviser – his & # 39; Ipiranga Post & # 39 ;. MEP still provokes opponents and says he does not understand what the feminist movement wants

In recent public statements, you have been causing discomfort about not understanding the economy. Is not it a problem for a candidate looking at the plateau?

I do not understand that. I do not understand medicine, agriculture, I do not understand many things. I think we have to govern rationally. That's what I said to the team of Paulo Guedes (economist responsible for the President's economic program). What we want: low inflation, compatible dollar for those who import and export, the interest rate a little lower and no longer tax.

But the economy will be an important axis of the campaign …

That's the bê-a-ba, you have to know more than that? For example, what would your policy be against inflation?

It is with him (Paulo Guedes). But I think you have to keep the goal there, 4.5%. Now it is important to say that inflation is much lower, not by the work of the economy, but by unemployment and impoverishment of the population.

Do you advocate autonomy or even independence of the central bank? Goldf … What's his name? (An advisor says the name of Ilan Goldfajn, president of the central bank). The idea of ​​Paulo Guedes is to keep it. Recently, Paulo made an important statement: We should keep some members of the current economic team. I even warned, "Paul, do not talk about keeping something from the team, like the boys' names, not connecting with Temer." Soon the press will say that I support the Temer government.

What's your suggestion? the tax reform?

Deputy Luiz Carlos Hauly has progressed well in a project. I have not seen it yet, but the information I have is that, if approved, it will bring great relief. Marcos Cintra (economist) has a fixation on a single tax. As a layman, I think that's cool, but also a utopia. If you can cut 15 or 20 taxes, that would be great.

Who is the financial market, is that it?

Who is the market leader? Then I go to the Ipiranga post office. Ask for Paulo Guedes.

You are against raising taxes, but you can not do that.

You do not have to scream at all. to accept a government with a cash problem. Where will you cut?

If you want to save the government, you have to break the workers, we will die together in the arms. Nobody can afford to pay more taxes. We can also reduce the number of ministries. Merging agriculture and the environment. The months-long negotiation with the PR, led by Valdemar Costa Neto, convicted in the Mensalão, does not contradict his speech against the practices of the old politics?

My trial was only with Senator Magno Malta. The Valdemar opened for me to face anyone I wanted as a vice: my party, his or even a third party. He would join us as long as we closed the alliance in the Distrito Federal, Rio and São Paulo.

The 100th anniversary says it will hit the jackpot there until August 4th. Problems can arise between them, and someone comes to our side. The attraction that I have is popularity. But I am very calm. If you give zebras, I go to the beach. I'm not worried about that.

Do you really want to be President of the Republic?

I'm not obsessed, but I move on. I just got off a heavy pub crawl.

Are you tired of the pre-campaign?

I say that I am "invincible", but I am a bit screwed up

Will you participate in the debates? ] I go, but without getting stuck in the agenda, in the game of bullshit discussion. I give him a ten-second break and talk about it. It's no use tying me to a staff.

Imagine an opponent when you go to the second round?

I do not think I face anyone. We win in the first round. Alckmin just helped me with the Alliance with the Centaur. I will send him a kiss. A straight kiss.

He tried to provoke you into social networks. Will you answer?

I will not come to his pile. He loses it at home (São Paulo) for me in all searches.

Marina and Ciro have already publicly arrested you …

I'm not a psychiatrist to answer Cyrus. Marina has already called me hyena in a radio interview. Imagine it would be the other way around. The hyena is an animal that makes love only once a year and constantly eats crap …

Do you know how much your pre-campaign has spent so far?

No. I stay with friends. They are people who invite me, some parliamentarians. There is a scary fight to take me to a state of Brazil. My trips are with the party money. Before, he traveled on average one and a half months. Now it's almost every week.

Do you have an entrepreneur who can help you with jetting or video production?

I already had a jet and helicopter offer that I did not accept. About the videos, there are people who make love and send them here. Social Media, I'm the one who posts posts.

There are pages on Facebook that promote cheap posts and billboards spread all over Brazil. Is everything spontaneous?

I have nothing to do with it. I do not know 99% of these people. It has to be people who have money. There are also kittens. Why is all this happening there? Because I am different from the others.

They proposed to increase the number of Supreme Ministers, a measure taken in the past by the military dictatorship in Brazil and by Hugo Chávez in Venezuela. Is not authoritarian?

No. It must propose a change to the constitution, and the names will go to the Senate. I would specify ten. Nobody in the right opinion thinks that the Supreme, especially the Second Class, is doing a job in the light of the Constitution.

According to the calculations, you can appoint two STF ministers if they are elected.

You must have an independent majority in the Supreme

It would depend on you, this majority, right? We know how the ministers are appointed. Especially when the mensalão began, the criterion became more politicized and ideologized. And the Supreme is able to legislate. Even the National Council of Justice and the executive and legislative branches take no action.

They defend points outside of Brazilian law, such as a license to kill the police during operations in the favelas. Why?

The law allows only on the side of the crime. Imagine a soldier on a GLO (Law and Order Assurance) mission. He is surprised, shot the exchange and dies innocently. Is it fair to bring this child to a military audit for 12 to 30 years? Does he have to be blamed for that? We live in war, and both sides shoot at it. I want to keep it the way it is when the experts and the press engage in an operation with the police and show them how to do it.

In an interview for Playboy in 2011, they said the phrase, "I prefer a child to die in an accident that appears with a mustache." Would you go back?

negative. It was not nothing. At that time, the government had a program to combat homophobia and the gay kit appeared (as Bolsonaro calls a primer that would be distributed by the Ministry of Education to discuss sexuality in the school environment).

Do you think it is possible to teach to be gay?

It is not teaching, but stimulating. If you play a movie in school of two kisses, Joãozinho can give a small bite at Pedrinho during the break. The boy imitates until a certain phase.

A boy can not see a gay kiss, but he can make gestures like guns? (Bolsonaro was photographed simulating the use of a pistol)

For Christ's sake, do you want to compare gay kiss? This photo was taken completely spontaneously, authorizing the father and everything. Yesterday I did one more. Enough of freshness when I was a kid, I played with a gun all the time. There are shooters everywhere in the favelas. A son sees the armed police officer every day. I do not see anything bad in it. The children of Brazil need to see guns as something that is related to the responsibility and protection of life.

If there is a gender problem in forming your team?

You will not have this worry of Afro, Wife or Gay. I want people to handle the message.

Example: I play football with you.

Example: I play football with you. You give me a car from behind, I yell at you and give you an elbow. It's called a reverse act. We discussed the case of Champinha. She lost the arguments, called me a rapist, and I responded in reflex.

The feminist movement reacted strongly to their statements …

Everyone does what he wants from his life. I'm not worried about the movement of a woman with a hairy arm. It does not matter. You want to shave, shave;

But what does the feminist movement want to do? I dont know. I'm not worried about that.

Read more: https://lobo.globo.com/brasil/not-in-the-mean-of-economy-signs-just-bolsonaro-on-globo-22908245#ixzz5Lvzzm6rv

READING: Bolsonaro teaches children how to imitate small arms

READING: READING: & # 39; Alckmin collected the cream of everything that does not fit in Brazil & # 39; (Reuters) [Brasilien] [Brasilien] [Brasilien] [Brasilien] [Brasilien] [Brasilien] [Brasilien] Brazil [Brasilien] (Reuters) – The word in statements and the simple way of rejoicing devotees who congressman Jair Bolsonaro (PSL-RJ) celebrate as "myth" and him in the streets and social networks defend while another legion, critic, accuses him of discriminating, prejudicing and judging that he will die in the future Presidential campaign

Less than three months after the presidential election, the Reserve Army captain has taken on the intentional polls of the Planalto Palace Consolidated in the role of the sniper, in the probable scenario, however, not ex-president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

This "openness" of him was highlighted by enthusiasts as one of his main virtues and also as one of his main difficulties in the dispute – he connects with Lula on the issue of rejection, according to a recent CNI / Ibope survey

statements on Support for military dictatorship – more recently compared to a "butt" -executed by ex-president Ernesto Geisel after a CIA document – and controversy that has led to criminal investigations – he is guilty in two cases in the episode, in 2014 he said he would not rape Congresswoman Maria Do Rosário (PT-RS) because she was "not deserving" and was also a victim of rape

In federal court (STF) indictment, the state of São Paulo, The state of São Paulo and the state of Rio Grande do Sul declare that "quilombolas are not for reproduction". Attorney General Raquel Dodge said that "the defendants' statements, incitement to behavior and xenophobic behavior intensify attitudes of violence and discrimination, which are prohibited by the Constitution and criminal law."



Jair Messias Bolsonaro, 63, a member of the São Paulo Supreme Court, the name of the Planalto against the political establishment, many of whom were decimated by the Lava Jato operation , and as an outsider even seven deputy mandates (27 years Congress

There is a big change of profile for those who until recently, as a main focus of political action had the defense in Congress of corporate demands of the armed forces

The deputy At the beginning of the year, he joined the Social Liberal Party (PSL), a legend he will run for, and he only gets 8 seconds in each Block of 12 minutes and 30 seconds in electoral radio and television advertising have

Since the presidential election in 1989, the television campaign has allied with leagues in the US is a big influence on the Planalto race. Bolsonaro has neither. The bet of their supporters, although they fear the beginning of the election campaign and the resulting "invisibility", is that social networks will undermine this order.

"This choice is defined between traditional politics and social networks," said federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP), son of the parliamentarian.

For the time being, the pre-candidate is generally treated with contempt by traditional party politicians – believe it is a bubble that breaks out in elections. So much so that it will barely close an alliance with any party for 2018.

The deputy has 5.3 million fans on Facebook, has 623 thousand subscribers on the YouTube channel and nearly 1.2 million followers on Twitter – losing only in this last question, among the pre-candidates for the president, for the former Minister Marina Silva (Network), according to the Torabit website specializing in social networks analysis.

The operation to make its work visible on networks Only six people are involved in Bolsonaro's spokesman Eduardo Guimarães's reports. They are advisors, Carlos Bolsonaro's son and councilman in Rio de Janeiro, and the MP himself recording, editing, writing and publishing in each of the networks.

This is the main channel to mobilize its followers on the voyages, which makes them flights to the states.

"In his positions he is indeed very emphatic, and when he enters the discussion, he asserts his opinion in the best possible way," he told Reuters. Frederico D'Ávila, one of the directors of the Brazilian Rural Society and one of Bolsonaro's coordinators for agriculture

"But he's a playful, loving, laughing guy, he's an approachable guy, he lets himself grab people, hug him, take a picture with him, pick up messages on people's phones, perceive the human condition of everyone, "he added.


For the time being, he leads the race in scenarios without Lula, has no predefined campaign structure, and arrives at the convention without a formal allied party – after PR and PRP correct to indicate that the deputy has been shipwrecked in recent days Has.

The presidential candidate also has a limited list of supporters of weight in the country in favor of his presidential plan. Economist Paulo Guedes, who was appointed Minister of Finance in his election, is one of the few working for the reserve captain in a relationship that is virtually accidental.

Late last year, Guedes said, the economist met Bolsonaro in a reserved room of a hotel in Rio de Janeiro. The meeting was mediated by a friend of the economist living outside the country, at the request of the deputy's interlocutors.

The PSL pre-candidate said he wanted help dealing with economic issues, but Guedes said he could not do it at the time. He was working to make the nominee for presenter Luciano Huck, the economist told Reuters.

The MP asked him if Huck gave up helping him in this area. The lack of economic preparation is one of the criticisms addressed at the PSL candidate candidates.

He received a yes from him and, with the departure of the presenter a week later, Guedes – economist with Ph.D. At the University of Chicago, regarded as the world temple of liberalism, Bolsonaro became a counselor who historically defended the firm presence of the state.

"I liked Paulo, he came to the enemy's headquarters and spoke the truth," Bolsonaro said at the end of this meeting.

In a modest tone, the pre-candidate said he "does not understand" the economy, but twice In the month with Guedes has met, in addition to the usual exchange of news by WhatsApp with

"I can not be accused of overthrowing Brazil in this almost insolvent situation, because I do not understand the subject, the president is a coach, no Ball plays, does not go into the field, has to have insight, to seek humility and strength "


The most obvious part of Bolsonaro's ideas is public safety when he delivers a resolute speech in defense of the citizen's possibility

In relation to the Congress, even linked to a party that today only has eight members and no senator, it supports the support of the Legends on proposals of interest of his eventual government by subjects.

The parliamentarian said that in the legislature he simply does not get support from what he calls the "extreme left" – PT, PCdoB and PSOL.

BRASÍLIA (Reuters) – PSL candidate for the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSL) presidency, the party's president, The Presidency, Deputy Jair Bolsonaro, was to see attorney Janaína Paschoal as his deputy in the race for the Planalto- Palace, said a source close to the Legislative Reuters.

According to this source, the chance of Janaína – who was known nationwide was one of the authors of the impeachment proposal of former President Dilma Rousseff – the election fell to "90 percent".

"There is a great opportunity to be her," he emphasized.

Janaína will be the "Plan C" of Bolsonaro. The pre-candidate of PSL first tried as Deputy PR Senator Magno Malta, who preferred to stand for reelection by the Holy Spirit, and then Army Reserve General Augusto Heleno, whose composition was rejected by the PRP summit, with the the military is connected.

The original goal with an alliance with other legends would be to extend radio and TV time in Bolsonaro election propaganda.

Bolsonaro's intention, according to this source, is to announce the plaque's companion as early as Sunday at the congress, which will become the captain's candidacy of the army's reserve, current leader in the polls of Intention to choose the scenarios without the presence of ex-president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in the Planalto Palace.

If you beat Janaína, Bolsonaro will have a plate of pure blood – the two are linked to the PSL. The lawyer and professor of law at the University of São Paulo was also proposed in October for other elective offices.

The "Já Já" already exists (in BR / 18, ESTADÃO)

Jair Bolsonaro was confirmed for the President and Janaína Pachoal for the vice, as the presidential candidate in an interview with the Globe on Friday, the 20th. May, the partnership already has its own name: the pair Já-Já. [19659128] Janaína Paschoal is on the verge of being announced on the plaque of presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) as a candidate for the vice, as the presidential candidate himself told the Globe on Friday. The two telephoned on Thursday and Janaína is expected to meet on Saturday in Rio Bolsonaro. As the negotiations progress, it may officially be announced as an JB MP on Sunday at the National Assembly of PSL.

"My feeling is that she (Janaina) is ready to help Brazil, we have an appointment by phone, she gave the green light," Bolsonaro said. "She should come to Rio tomorrow (Saturday) and she's probably at the congress on Sunday, it's possible that there will be advertising there, it will be the double Já-Já."

A Jereissati with Bolsonaro (ESTADÃO )

The Jerissati clan is split in the elections. While Senator Tasso is one of the heroes of Geraldo Alckmins campaign, Radar reports Veja that Carlos Jereissati, a businessman and former owner of Oi, is close to Jair Bolsonaro [19659132] It is the second family that associated with the PSDB. Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) has shown that he was a member of the Bolsheviks

Bolsonaro bets on women

Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) has shown this to gain space among voters who reject them the most. With videos and contributions in social networks, the pre-candidate tries to reduce his reputation as a sexist and win the voice of women. As the Folha states, Bolsonaro makes an offensive online in this sense and defends (in his own way) policies that he considers women.

Amoecido: "Alckmin joins ex-inmates" 19659129] The new presidential candidate João Amoêdo criticized the alliance between Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) and the parties of the Centrão

"No news in the old politics Alckmin joins even the former offenders in exchange for the term of election.We already know their interests: Stewardship, Jets, Trade Union Taxes.The Spree with our money, "wrote Twitter, and then published a video [19659119] with the comments.

Bolsonaro teaches the child to speak with a gun hand

In a pre-campaign in Goiânia, Jair Bolsonaro taught a child on Thursday, 7pm, how to make a handgun, leading some pre-contestants such as Marina Silva and Guilherme Boulo's criticism evoked on Twitter.

One day after being criticized for "teaching" a child to imitate a weapon with his hands, federal deputy and presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro (

PSL) appeared this morning at a public event with a child the womb that made the mark of a weapon.

Jair Bolsonaro participated in an event with soldiers in the Deodoro district of western Rio, where he criticized the decision of the pre-candidate Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) to join PP, PRB, DEM, SD and PR.

  Bolsonaro Representative and candidate Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) appeared at an event in Rio with another child mimicking a gun gesture with his hands. Photo: Flavio Bolsonaro / Reproduction Twitter

On Thursday, the pre-candidate has published a video recorded in Goiânia in which he teaches a girl to make the gesture of a weapon with his hands.

At that time, he was criticized by other presidential candidates such as Marina Silva (speech) and Manuela D & # 39; avila (PCdoB). Marina claimed to have been "surprised" by the situation, while Manuela described the candidate as "unspeakable" and described the picture as violent.

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