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Brazil's da Silva calls demonstrations the work of the fascists

CURITIBA, Brazil – Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva defended his record and called against him the work of fascists on Wednesday, a day after an attack on his campaign caravan underlined Brazil's deep division from heated Elections

His left-wing workers' party said two caravans shot dead in the caravan Tuesday. Nobody got hurt and da Silva was not in every bus. (19659006) The incident comes in a moment of intense division in Brazil after a turbulent period in which the impeachment and dismissal of a president and the implication of dozens of politicians, including Da Silva, in a mammoth corruption scandal

have protests Brazil is repeatedly shocked, and incumbent President Michel Temer warned Wednesday that the violence against Da Silva's caravan threatened to destabilize Latin America's largest country. But the split is likely to increase as Brazil prepares to elect a new president in October.

Despite being convicted of corruption allegations that might keep him from running, Da Silva is the leader in the race. Nevertheless, he is no longer the universally popular personality he was after two terms as president. Demonstrations have followed his 10-day campaign tour of southern Brazil, which is more prosperous and conservative than its political heartland in the northeast.

At a rally in the southern city of Curitiba on Wednesday evening, Silva described the demonstrators who sometimes threw stones and eggs on the caravan and in masses.

"I do not know who they were and I do not care," he told a crowd of a few thousand people. "I just know that they were not Democrats, they are more like fascists and Nazis, they are more for anything but democracy."

Several other speakers criticized the rise of the "fascists" and pointed to a growing wave Conservatism in Latin America 's largest country, in particular the popularity of far – right congressman Jair Bolsonaro, the. www.socialistgroup.eu/gpes/sessiond…01&place=STR On Wednesday in Bolshowaro a rival rally took place in Curitiba.

For a long time on the margins of the world, Bolsonaro, with his promises of law and order in uncertain times, attracts large crowds. He is behind a vote that has gone far beyond the widespread indignation of many Brazilians who have been chasing after their leaders after the "car wash" corruption investigation.

The investigation is in many ways at the center of Brazil's turmoil

The prosecution claims that the Brazilian government has been run for years as a cartel, with politicians pouring favors, state contracts and plums in exchange for bribes and campaign contributions. The probe initially focused on Da Silva's Labor Party, but affected other parties, including Temers. Temer himself has been accused of corruption, but Congress has twice voted to save him a lawsuit while he remains in office and denies the allegations.

While many consider the investigation as heroic for their intrepid persecution of those in the upper echelons of Brazilian politics, especially on the left, believes that it has unfairly targeted the Labor Party for political reasons.

As Silva himself said, the allegations made against him were invented to prevent him from regaining the presidency.

"You know that I know how to repair the country, because when I took over Brazil … this country was in a worse state than it is now," he told the crowd in Curitiba. Since Silva led an economic boom fueled by high prices for its raw materials, the economy has since collapsed.

He said that his enemies told a lot of lies about him and even targeted a new Netflix series about the car wash probe, which was under fire in recent days because it included some of their depictions, including from da Silva herself, has taken liberties. Da Silva said he would sue the company.

In another sign of Brazil's volatility, Supreme Court Justice Edson Fachin, who is responsible for the car wash investigation, said in an interview with GloboNews this week that members of his family have received threats. The Supreme Court said that Fachin's security detail had been increased and he was instructing his bodyguards to accompany relatives.


Associated Press author Sarah DiLorenzo reported this story from Sao Paulo and AP video journalist Mario Lobao reported from Curitiba. AP video journalist Diarlei Rodrigues in Curitiba contributed to this report.

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