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Breaking! Tesla Soon Adding YouTube and Netflix to all cars


Published on July 27, 2019 |
by Paul Fosse

27. July 2019 by Paul Fosse

Elon Musk has recently tweeted some exciting news to those who own Tesla cars and are considering buying them. Although all Tesla vehicles have a web browser for some time now, this browser does not support Netflix or YouTube. Elon has tweeted that Tesla will soon provide both YouTube and Netflix features for cars! (Note that Netflix and YouTube only work when the car is parked.)

As someone who spent 4 hours in my Tesla in my garage, he only enjoyed the awesome stereo last week (because I spent 2 weeks in the garage) Vacation was, I really missed my car), I know that my car will quickly be the best place in my house to watch YouTube and Netflix. The 15-inch screen is a bit small compared to the 42-inch screen in my bedroom, but the sound in the car is better than the $ 3,000 home theater system in my family room.

Full Self Driving + Netflix / YouTube!

Elon added a minute later that this will not only be suitable for use in a parked car, but will also be useful for travel as regulators approve fully self-propelled (FSD) driving. I would expect the arcade games and the recently published chess game to be activated in the car at the same time.


It's clear Elon not only dwarfs the Full Self-Driving option, but also realizes it. People do not have to look out onto the street, they will have a huge need for entertainment ,

I'm glad to see that he supports the popular YouTube and Netflix streaming services instead of creating Tesla's own streaming channel. If Tesla has 10 million autonomous cars, it may want to bring out its own content, but I think Tesla has enough for the moment with all the projects it's already committed to.

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