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Brewing Issues: MillerCoors Sues Bud Light Over The Ongoing Controversy Over Corn Syrup

A beer battle that began around the Super Bowl earlier this year has gone into extra time.

It started with a series of high profile ads like this and this one. Bud Light called on MillerCoors products to use corn syrup. Bud Light then placed billboards in the heart of Coors, along a busy road from where Coors in Golden, Colorado brews Denver.

The posters, which are blue with huge white letters, read: "Coors Light uses corn syrup.", "Bud Light: We don" and "100% less corn syrup than Coors Light." [19659003] On Thursday, MillerCoors filed a lawsuit against Anheuser-Busch, and Bud Light heard the ads calling them "false" and "misleading".

"Anheuser-Busch worries about a common beer ingredient that he uses in many of his own beers, as a fermentation aid that is not even present in the final product." MillerCoor said in a statement. "This deliberate deception is bad for the entire beer category, we are showing the truth to the world."

MillerCoors has called the campaign a "marketing ploy" that is not working, indicating a decline in sales for Bud Light. Adam Collins, Vice President of Communications at MillerCoors, said, "It's really just used as a fermentation (the corn syrup), the irony of irony is that it's not really the end product you drink." Transparency


"The latest Bud Light campaign is true The difference between Miller Lite and Coors Light should be made clear ̵

1; these beers are brewed with corn syrup, Bud Light is not – these are facts," it said Company in a statement. "We're behind the" Bud Light "transparency campaign and have no plans to change advertising.

Brendan Whitworth, Sales Manager of US parent company Anheuser-Busch, said that around 40 percent of consumers want additional transparency in their products

The epic race is far from over MillerCoors has just launched a new attack.

"We've launched new Miller Lite ads. It's fun Bud Light lives in the fantasy world and in the real world more taste is the most important thing, "says Adam Collins, vice president of communications at MillerCoors.

The ads consist of medieval scenes with actors representing the famous actor Bud Light Knights and prisoners who went out of the commercial set to break up a Miller Lite.


. Beer Book author and Denver Business Journal reporter Ed Sealover, who suffered beer sales.

"If you continue to lose sales, you have to pick your competition because you can not currently take these sales from breweries," he said. "You have to take it away from people who compete in the same market as you."

Sealover says it's not just big beer.

"Even among craft brewers, great craft brewers suffered for about two years because we see an increasing spread of local brewers," Sealover said, "where beer drinkers want to invest their money and taste."

Collins admits.

"Ultimately, it's bad for the beer category as a whole," said Whitworth. "It's not just about a brand" – they have a complete portfolio strategy.

With more than 7,000 licensed breweries in the US and more every day, it's a fair bet that competition will continue to be tough.

"The introduction of this (corn syrup) as a new fulcrum seems to be an attempt to distract from the general problems that" our bottom line here is shrinking, "Sealover said.

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