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Brexit at the latest: I'm confused … what's going on?

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Media Signature Why do so many people speak of a "hard Brexit" and a "soft Brexit"?

On Tuesday, MPs in the UK are expected to hold the all-important vote on Prime Minister Theresa May's plan for Britain's withdrawal and future relations with the European Union.

The key vote ̵

1; delayed from December 11 of last year – comes with the deadline of the UK from the EU on March 29.

Spoiler Alert: I do not think anyone knows exactly how Brexit will end, and we may not even have more confidence by the end of next week.

But perhaps we can learn that: first, the extent of the parliamentary opposition to Theresa May, and second, the idea of ​​having a Plan B.

That's not certain, because if, as expected, the big loses vote on Tuesday, technically she has time until the following Monday to let MEPs know what she's up to. Options include a renewed deal attempt, another deal, no deal, a second referendum and Brexit's delay.

Do you remember what they vote on?

Theresa May's deal consists of two parts, a legally binding resignation agreement on the terms of the UK's exit from the EU and a non-binding political statement that highlights hopes for future post-Brexit relations.

Many MEPs representing Brexit in Ms. May's Conservative Party believe that the agreement is too close to the UK EU, while most Pro-Remain Conservatives and all opposition parties consider the statement far too vague.

What is likely to happen?

The BBC predicts that Ms. May faces the greatest defeat a government has suffered in 100 years. Ms. May and her ministers will put a lot of pressure to the last second to reduce the size of the defeat.

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What is Ms. May's Plan B, in case she? loses?

Even her closest aides do not seem to know if she has one.

Both in the public and, apparently, in the private sphere, she insists that her plan is the best and only way to achieve the result of the referendum without destroying it economy.

But here are some suggestions as to what they could do: return to the EU to try to make their deal more attractive to MPs, calling for MPs to come up with an alternative to their deal, threatening MPs with no. Advise Brexit or another referendum on their plan or ask Brussels for a delay in the whole process.

What was this dispute with the speaker about?

Ms. May, sooner or later, has to submit a Plan B, by the way, thanks to a heated dispute this week between John Bercow (the Speaker) of the House of Commons) on the one hand and the government and the pro-Brexit MEP on the other ,

In the face of fierce accusations against the spokesman for being biased towards leaving the EU, he essentially decided that he would like to help Parliament more in its role in dealing with Brexit.

That's important because Parliament is against No Deal and Mrs May's deal so far.

What happens to the main opposition party?

Brexit has broken and split not only the conservative governing party but also the opposition Labor party.

Her leadership under left-wing, lifelong Eurosceptic Jeremy Corbyn has pledged herself to be kind of Brexit, but most of its members and voters want a second referendum to stop Britain's emigration.

Labor has pledged to vote against Mrs. May's deal on Tuesday, but what could the party do in future parliamentary votes if it comes to it? It's impossible to say March 29th.

How does Brexit end?

Nobody knows.

To put it simply, more than two and a half years later, MEPs still can not agree Make the result of the referendum.

It is so fundamental and explains why Britain experiences its deepest political crisis since 1945.

But if nothing else happens, one should remember that Britain must leave the standard position of a store. [1 9659004] If Ms. May ends up unwilling to risk a no-deal Brexit, and Parliament is determined to stop it anyway, then something must happen. What, if anything, could be something is still uncertain.

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