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Brexit: Boris Johnson says he's "not doing business"

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Media Title Johnson: Brexit delay means defeat campaign for Tory leadership.

But he said it was an "important bargaining tool" not to have a deal on the table, and that the UK "should do better than the current readmission agreement".

"Delay means defeat, delay means Corbyn," he said, saying Britain needed to leave the EU on October 31


But Chancellor Philip Hammond said it was "impossible" to leave by then.

"I think it does not make sense for candidates to be intimidated" A corner to it, "Hammond said at a Bloomberg conference

" Parliament will not allow unrestricted exit from the EU, and our past experience have shown that it may not be easy to reach an agreement in Parliament. Elsewhere, Interior Minister Sajid Javid – who said he would be willing to leave without a de If the alternative were not Brexit, he would also report to the MPs on Wednesday.

The Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, who will introduce him to the event on Wednesday said that Javid was "the best man for the job," and a "serious man for serious times."

She told the BBC she would not support the EU without leaving a deal, but Javid had the most credible plan to get a deal through Parliament.

"The only way I can see that is [no deal] Meanwhile, Labor has filed a bipartisan motion to prevent that a Brexit will be enforced without agreement by a future Prime Minister. It is planned to force a vote on Wednesday to give the MEPs control of the timetable on 25 June so that MEPs can introduce legislation to avoid a no-deal scenario.

Mr. Johnson and Mr. Javid are the last of the 10 candidates in the contest who are officially launching their campaigns for the job of Conservative party chief – and Prime Minister – before the Tory deputies' first ballot on Thursday.

Who will replace Theresa May?

The winner of the contest for the leadership of the Conservative Party will be the next Prime Minister.

  • Who will replace May?
  • Brexit: Where are the candidates for the conservative leadership? [19659020] Mr. Johnson is considered the frontrunner in the contest, with far more endorsements from Tory MPs than any other candidate.

    He has held back in the race for Theresa May's succession so far, his only major intervention was one – criticized by his competitors right away – pledged to lower income tax for individuals earning more than £ 50,000 a year.

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    • Johnson Promise Higher Income Tax Reduction

    The former Foreign Minister, who resigned from the cabinet because of Ms. May's Brexit policy, said it was "right, that our big country is preparing for a no-deal result. "

    He said that delaying Brexit would not only further alienate our natural followers but anyone who believes that politicians should honor their promises. "

    And he warned his party that it would" make the difference " if she did not meet the mandate given to her by the British people in the next election.


    By Norman Smith, Deputy Political Editor of the BBC

    The speech was classic Boris Johnson – a real boon [22] But there was no clarity about his Brexit plan or how he could proceed to conclude a new agreement that the EU would negotiate.

    He said he would not Keeping agreement on the table and saying it was "amazing" "Theresa May had taken it off.

    We also got the character question – a blunt one about the remark he made about Muslim women who wore the burka and looked like mailboxes.

    He knew that these questions came and His answer was to say that he spoke clearly and these people I like it, if you do not screen everything in carefully matched phrases.

    It seemed to me that this was a man who absolutely did not apologize for making politics.

    Several rivals from Mr. Johnson, including Rory Stewart and Matt Hancock said he would not agree to leave the EU without a legally binding agreement on the form of the future relationship, as this would lead to economic disruption.

    Others, including Michael Gove and Mark Harper, have done so, saying that they are prepared to seek further EU renewal to complete a better deal.

    Brexitists like Dominic Raab and Esther McVey said priority must be given to acknowledging the outcome of the referendum in 2016, and the United Kingdom should be ready to accept no agreement – and trade with the EU on World Trade Organization terms, if necessary – during the negotiation of a future trade agreement.



    The Home Secretary said h This career is proof of hard work and family support

    The union leader Jeremy Corbyn said a Brexit without agreement would be "catastrophic" and told the deputies: "I think some of [the PM’s] colleagues need to be reminded."

    On Labor's proposal, which aims to stop any agreement Johnson said he understands that his colleagues in Parliament have "very strong views", but that "in the end it would be very difficult for the Parliament to uphold the will of the people to block ".

    He said that if their will was blocked there would be "retribution" by the electorate.

    "Speaking Directly"

    Mr. Johnson was also pressured by journalists to use his language – even as he wrote in his Daily Telegraph column that Muslim women who wore the burka looked like mailboxes. "

    He said, "Occasionally, because of the expressions I use, some plaster comes off the ceiling," but at the start, "I think it's important that as a politician, we remember one of the reasons why the public feels alienated." [politicians] as a breed.

    "[It is because] we dampen and disguise our language [and] do not speak as we find it."

    Mr. Johnson apologized for "the offense I caused," but said, "I will continue to speak as directly as possible."

    He also seemed to evade a question that asked him for an earlier confession, that he had taken cocaine during the study.

    Mr. Johnson said, "I think what most people in this country really want to focus on in this campaign is what we can do for them and what our plans for this great country are."

    On Tuesday, June 18, BBC One will host a live election debate between the Conservative MPs who are still in the running.

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